We are a small church building outreach programs?

Question by thewingschurch: We are a small church building outreach programs?
Are there any grant writers/ non-profit professionals that know how to secure funds for these programs that would donate some time and experience to help us make this happen?

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Answer by PiggiePants
Contact the Taproot Foundation – they match up nonprofit professionals with worthy organizations. You will have to make an application, but the next deadline is March 1, so you have a little time to prepare.


Service Grants Program

Unlike traditional foundations that make cash grants, the Taproot Foundation makes grants of high-quality, professional consulting services, called Service Grants. Through our Service Grants, we are working to provide high-potential nonprofit organizations with the tools and services necessary to maximize the impact of their critical work in the community. We believe that the right capacity-building Service Grant, at the right time, can greatly enhance the ability of an organization to serve its constituents.

Each Service Grant is executed by a team of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help the community. Unlike a lot of pro bono work, we guarantee these professionals will deliver high-quality services, customized to meet specific objectives.

see more at their site, including application details.

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