Watch the Throne: No Church in the Wild

First off, it’s art, interpret it however you wish. Jay and Yeezy are two of my favorite artists and there is a lot of symbolism in these pieces obviously and I really wanted to represent the album in a lot of ways with hard work, symbolism and overall cleanliness. I was immediately drawn to “No Church in the Wild” because of the beat, lyrics and how versatile and open the song was for interpretation. Worked on these for a little over a month. I do have a center peiece with the chorus started but it’s still being worked on. I definitely wanted to take this piece in a different direction than my other videos without losing focus on what the subject was. I took footage from: – JayZ and Kanye performance at SXSW 2011 – Yeezy’s “Diamonds are Forever” – Yeezy’s “Runaway” full length film To check out more and the development of, check out my blog or the gallery Website – Tumblr – http Twitter – DeviantArt – – I appreciate everyone who’s watched this, or showed some love and support. –

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