Wake Up, O Christian “church”!

UPDATE 10/08/11 youtu.be Dumitru Duduman was born to George and Escaterina Duduman on July 14, 1932 in Hintesti, Romania. His native village is situated in the northeastern part of Romania near the Russian border. Here Dumitru was brought up in the knowledge of God by his parents, but most of all from his grandfather, Costache, whom he loved deeply. He grew accustomed to religious persecution at a very young age seeing his father and older brother, Costache, put in prison for their beliefs. Although the rest of the family had not been arrested, they were ordered to hard labor in the Communist farmland projects. Even though Dumitru had been brought up in a Christian home, by the age of fourteen he had started wandering from God. At the age of seventeen he rebelled and joined the Romanian army. His rejection of God saddened his parents greatly and for many months they prayed for him continually. Dumitru spent the first eight months of his army career in the Chitila boot camp. Even today this boot camp is well known for it’s harsh treatment of new recruits. After finishing boot camp, Dumitru was one of few soldiers chosen to go on to the Constanta Military School. He started in Constanta in 1951 and stayed there four and one half years. Upon his graduation, Dumitru received a diploma and was given the rank of Lieutenant in the Marines. Soon he had eighty men under his command. In 1984, after years of intense persecution, a Romanian evangelist, Dumitru Duduman, was thrown out

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