UN JERUSALEM “In Romance with Neturei Karta.” last study on NETUREI KARTA. Thank You very much. He I wear the BIZKAIKO Basque way of dressing. IRJEOHA TEMPLE OEL UM Tradition just wore the same skirt I am wearing now in a very similar way of dressing. And don’t have any doubt, IRJEOHA was never an Hasidic Jew. Turning back to NETUREI KARTA again, in our opinion, the acceptance of the UN Partition Plan does not compromise the Pure SEMITIC JUDAISM 3 OATH Religious Possition, the acceptance of the Partition Plan is just the chance given into JUDAISM in order to pay the debt for the JERUSALEM Jewish SEMITIC JUDAISM BIBLICAL CORE in the Outside TDF Land Of PALESTINE. One the JERMIH decreed the Outside TD F for PALESTINE, once the JERMIH left NO Holy Union Spot Of Holy TDF TORAH ODORAH ABDORAH Holy Dust in the Ancient Land that once destroyed the ODIDJ TEMPLE, the TEMPLE DUST returns home to come into the modern history, to work for the VICTORY Of GOD EN DAIM SHADDOCK ONE COVENANT, to work for the JESUS CHRIST OLD and NEW TESTAMENT fighting TORANIC Heresy at the Inside the TDF Sphere, so that to bless the Church with the DIVINE Heavenly Circular Garden OF GOD TEMPLE Level Of CULT and Blessing Bubble. Just a little conflict remains inside the Church, that is the Outside TDF Hebrew TORAH opposing the LATIN and the Basque NEW TESTAMENT. It has always been this ancient heretic confrontation inside the Church between the Outside and the Inside TDF that we wanted to avoid. We
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