Tony Blair concerned about Christians being marginalized

Tony Blair regrets that religion is in danger of being considered personal eccentricity in Great Britain. In an interview with the Church of England Newspaper, the former Prime Minister expressed his concern about the marginalization of Christians in his country. Blair believes that the recent decisions by which the religious expression of Christians is being suppressed are ludicrous.Referring to cases such as that of Caroline Petrie, a nurse who was suspended for offering to pray for a patient, or Jennie Cain, who could lose her job for having asked her friends for spiritual support when her daughter was reproved for defending the existence of hell, the former government official declared that people should be proud of their Christianity and able to express it as they wish.”As head of state, Blair avoided referring to religious issues and recognized having done so to avoid being considered foolish. After his conversion to Catholicism, he created a foundation to promote respect and understanding between religions.