The Church of Our Saviour at Nereditsa

The Church of Our Saviour at Nereditsa
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This member of UNESCO World Heritage List is located on top of a small Nereditsa hill, to the east from Rurik’s Gorodische. From the hill one can see entire Novgorod, fields and meadows, the lake and the Volkhov river.

The church was built in 1198, to the order of Prince Yaroslav, after the demise of all his children. This last prince’s building looked no different from modest churches of the late 12th c., which were financed by boyars, merchants and commoners. It has the form of a cube and one dome, and its interior is very simple. It was decorated with frescos in 1199, and the paintings gave the closest impression of the system of Russian temple frescos of the time.

The World War II turned this fabulous monument of architecture into hideous ruins. The building itself was reconstructed, thanks to the previous measurements, but the immense fresco ensemble was lost forever. All that remained are expressive fragments of «The Last Judgement», and a few saints and martyrs. They give one some impression of the peculiarities and depth of the former grand frescos.

Currently restoration works are in progress on the church.

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