the church of christ?

Question by fish for christ: the church of christ?
I have been a southern baptist all my life. there are many denominations out there, and i do believe one is right from another, but i dont believe it matters to the extent that many people make it out to be, as long as the church praises god and preaches the word. But i have heard that the church of christ believes you cant go to heaven unless you are a member of that church and you can use musical instruments in there services, and a few other odd beliefs. Can someone explain to me there maybe different beliefs and why they do believe so?? Thank you
i apologize! odd was a bad choice of words, but DIFFERENT FOR ME would be a wiser choice than odd. thanks

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Answer by The Pirate
Well I believe all the denominations shall join together to form the one worldly church. God wants no divisions among his people! It will also be very powerful and pleasing.

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