Tales From The Church – True Crazy Christian Stories

When I was a kid, I saw all kinds of crazy bullshit at Church. In this video, I share my kooky experiences and at the same time give Christians the greatest news in the world! My grandmother disowning me last week really fucked with my head and made me not want to do videos anymore. She was the last person on earth I ever thought would turn her back on me. It really broke my heart and caused me to behave in a way I never have before. It made me want to stop making videos because these videos really have cost me the majority of my family. People really have no idea what I sacrifice just to do this. But that whiny quitter guy is not me and my moment of weakness only lasted about 3 days. I’m actually kinda embarrassed about the whole thing, but in a way I’m glad it happened. Because it showed me who my true friends and family are. I got so much support and love from my Youtube family, that I am ashamed I ever considered leaving to begin with. Well fear not. I’m not going anywhere. As long as you guys are here, I will be here. Thank you all very much for being there for me when I needed you. Thisvideo is Sponsored by the Adult Autopilot. The Adult Autopilot teaches you how to make money like I do, with Adult websites, and it also supports this channel at the same time! Click here to watch a video about it. www.youtube.com If you want to support my work please pick up a T-shirt on my website located @ www.cultofdusty.com
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