Totally Barbados Web Site Wins World’s Leading Travel Destination Award for 2008

Bridgetown, Barbados (PRWEB) December 23, 2008

Barbados scored big at the 2008 World Travel Awards on December 2nd, 2008, with the local site Totally Barbados walking away with the prestigious trophy for the World’s Leading Travel Destination Website.

The who’s who of the world travel industry gathered in the Turks & Caicos Islands for the star-spangled presentation at which Totally Barbados Inc. owner and Managing Director, Brett Callaghan, received the award for his three-year-old company.

Totally Barbados beat seven International web sites representing Canada, the United States, Switzerland, South Africa, India, England and the Caribbean.

“Winning the World’s Leading Travel Destination Website award is a tremendous accomplishment for me, one that I wasn’t even sure was possible,” said Callaghan, a 34-year-old Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) who conceived and set up Totally Barbados.

“With the award in hand, it feels like all of the many long days and nights of work since 2005 in trying to build the best and most informative website promoting my country Barbados, have finally paid off,” he added.

Callaghan also thanked his staff of writers and account managers, as well as the advertisers and thousands of supporters who voted for Barbados.

This year Totally Barbados also won the award for the Leading Caribbean Travel Information Website for the second year running.

The World Travel Awards – described by the Wall Street Journal as the ‘Oscars’ of the travel industry – encourage excellence and reward the brightest and the best in the International travel sector.

Graham E. Cooke, president and founder of World Travel Awards said the accolades “open up an important new corporate chapter in success and international creditability……”

“In addition to the inevitable prestige of winning one of the awards, there are real long term commercial benefits,” he added.

The 2008 awards were voted on by over 160,000 travel professionals and organizations from more than 160 countries.

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