Big beautiful catholic Wedding church:,?

Question by Sheila Fitzgerald: Big beautiful catholic Wedding church:,?
I need to find one in one of the following countries. Any ideas? Website link to church and name of church please. Thnx.

United kingdom
France (Paris)

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Answer by Renee Langston
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church is in a little place called Rhineland Texas… its a gorgeous church!
Saint Vincent de Paul is in Houston Texas and is extremley gorgeous as well
The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer is in New York City and is very pretty
Saint John Cantius Parish is in Chicago Illinois and is beautiful!
I listed links to churchs only in the USA because thats all i know about but they are in or near the largest cities so they are easy to get to

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Wedding chair replacement?

Question by hottieplayboy15: Wedding chair replacement?
Well I have ran into a little issue with my wedding ceremony…The only place I have managed to find to rent enough chairs for my wedding is booked full (of course) well my wedding will be taking place outside in June so I would really like to have something for guests to sit on (not the ground). Any one have any creative ideas….my mother suggested bales of hay…. Future brides learn from my mistake it’s never to early to book your rentals :/

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Answer by Paula
Keep looking. I find it hard to believe you can’t find chairs to rent for an event 4 months away. Many churches and halls have chairs… is there someone you know with a contact in a church?

Hay is better than nothing, but I would not want hay all over my dress.

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What kind of decor do you do for an indoor wedding ceremony?

Question by Amanda: What kind of decor do you do for an indoor wedding ceremony?
—I’m not getting married in a church either, it’s an old church that was turned into a night club.

I want simple but chic not cheap.
So no balloons or anything like that.
—And our wedding colors are dark red and dark purple, and the only flowers we are doing are roses, but I was hoping to not have to buy extra just for the ceremony.

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Answer by jess.
If it’s already a night club, it might have more than enough decoration as it is. If you wish to add more, there’s always fabric – you could drape it around the chairs, or the walls. You could get different sorts of lighting… different colors shining everywhere.

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