How to Choose a Church Website Builder or Church Website Designer?

How to Choose a Church Website Builder or Church Website Designer?

Every Church website builder has their own set of features, but I’ve found that many are charging an exorbitant amount or they offer such a cheap website that there is no functionality.  There are several guidelines that every person researching a church website builder needs to consider.

Their portfolio is an good indication of what kind of work they do.  For example: . Portfolios should show a variety of workmanship and features. Watch out for those portfolios that include lots of costly “extras”. Make sure that the standard features of a website are clearly marked somewhere on the site. Portfolios should also be changing frequently, possibly every three months or so, so look to see if there has been change in the site recently. Portfolios are the signature of any good website company. Make sure that each website has a signature look for the church that is being represented. If each site is a “cookie-cutter” site, then you will know that yours will look like everybody else’s.

Another indicator that the company may charge a bit more than you’re wanting is when they ask you to contact them for prices.  If there are no sample prices, chances are that they are going to charge more. Like I mentioned above, there should be a standard set price for a set number of features that they offer. Only a few sites include every feature in each site for the same price. CAMNIO media is one of those companies. Many companies will have pricing tiers, which start from a base price with limited features, and travel up in price depending on what you need in your site. Remember to shop around as some places give you everything they offer for one low price. The tiered concept is that the top tier is the most expensive. Sites with tiers or itemized website building usually tend to be much more expensive.

Functionality is a key thing that you should look out for.  Will it be able to show new visitors how to find your church?  Or better yet, will they have a fair shot of really knowing what your church is all about without having to think about dysfunctional web design.  Remember your church website is meant for your visitors too. Sites usually can have all of the bells and whistles to catch peoples eyes without being complicated or frustrating to use. Sites should be user-friendly and also always changing. If a site cannot be easily changed, then its attraction is greatly hindered. People only visit sites that stay current and fresh. Functionality is needed from every angle. Make sure that you are not spending money for a site that is too complicated to update. If you have to learn a new language to update your site, you will always be on a definite learning curve. If you know English, then your site should be programmed in English! Make sure that you get a site that has multiple user possibilities. Ask yourself these questions: Are different users able to update this?  Meaning, can the youth pastor add his events, while the Senior Fellowship adds their events. “Is this site useable from the oldest to the youngest?”

But what about functionality for an existing church member?  When your church members want to come and use the site to catch up on church events and important ministry information, the calendar and announcements modules comes in very handy.  You want to provide functionality for each person that will visit your site. Look for sites that offer separate logins for members versus new attendees. There might be pertinent information that the members of your church need but you might not want the new visitors to be apart of. Make sure that the site offers functionality that serves the purpose of your church and your ministry events.

A website really should be a “living” website.  Meaning that people within the church are involved with updating the website and keeping it fresh and new.  Once pictures become out of date, or announcements are no longer relevant, people are not going to want to come back to your site for more info.  In fact, it is more of a deterrent. The key, again, is for the site itself to be easily updateable. You don’t want to have to fight with your site each time you want to make updates. The easier it is to update, the more relevant and alive your site will become. And remember, a living website is more likely to grow in popularity than a stagnant dead one.

Lastly, you should go with a company that has great customer service. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you are in a crisis and the company is too busy or too impersonal to help you. Make sure that the company really does have your interest at heart. Talk to them on the phone for a few minutes and get a feel for the vision and mission of that company. If money is their motivator, you are just a dollar sign that has little value. If their focus is ministry, then their service will be more personal for the sake of the gospel. You will have a better relationship with a ministry driven, gospel minded company than one that is only business oriented. When you are in the process of designing and as you learn how to take care of your website, this friendly helpful service will be of great benefit to you.

When you combine all of the portions of this article and put them together, you should have a comprehensive take on what to look for in a website company.

CAMNIO Media provides web design and graphic design services for Churches, Non-Profits and small businesses. Our mission is to provide powerful, flexible and affordable websites to help small organizations and companies fulfill their mission. We develop powerful websites driven by Content Management Systems. We refer to our websites as living websites because it is easy to update the content

New Church Website Launched for Baltimore’s Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 5, 2009

Washington, DC web design company, Blue Water Media, just completed work on the new web presence for the Baltimore Episcopal Church, Emmanuel Episcopal. The Emmanuel Church congregation hail from both city and suburbs. The congregation is a diverse and spirited group whom come together for worship, friendship, discussion, and learning.

The new church website implements the latest in design and web strategies that provides an enhanced experience for the visitors. The website is built on the open source content management platform, Joomla. Joomla will allow the staff and clergy of Emmanuel to easily make changes and updates to the website. Blue Water Media recommended Joomla because it is an award-winning content management system that is easy to use and highly extensible.

The new church website offers many new resources to its users such as a blog by the Reverend, newsletter, calendar, private event scheduling for weddings and other events, education resources, music, and audio recordings of church sermons.

Keeping in-line with its mission to provide a friendly, diverse and stimulating community, the new website aims to keep the church-goers abreast of events, music, and well informed of church news. With the new website, Emmanuel Church looks forward to improved education, communication, and participation from their congregation. The Emmanuel Church’s vision for the future is to inspire and embrace innovative thought and open-minded conversation. Inclusion is expected and all people are welcomed. Beliefs are put into action and people are encouraged to seek God, love their neighbor, and progress on their own spiritual journeys. This vision for the future is well communicated through the website, design, content, and usability – allowing for better communication between the church and its followers.

About Emmanuel Episcopal Church:

Emmanuel Church was organized in 1852, with the original sanctuary completed in 1854, designed in the English Country Gothic style by Niernsee and Nielsen. Its members, who had attended Christ Church at Gay and Fayette Streets in “Old Town” moved to Mount Vernon and built their new church. For more information, please visit:

About Blue Water Media:

Blue Water Media is an award-winning web design company that offers internet marketing and support services to complement its design services. Located in Washington DC, Blue Water Media provides a number of solutions for businesses that want to expand their presence on the web. For more information, please visit


Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

After you have launched your church website design, it’s time to announce your creation to the local area airwaves. This means creating a press release. This is like free advertising for your site.

Creating a well written press release for you new church web design takes time and patience. No one wants their press release thrown away because it isn’t written well and in order to fix it and prepare it for air would take too much time on the part of the station receiving it. There are a few things one must look at in order to prepare a good press release and we will look at some of these now.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is, “Is this News?” The answer to that from your prospective, is yes, however the content your press release contains may not be news to the local radio stations or newspapers. You must make sure your press release is news! To do that you must include information such as your churches milestone events. These are news not only to your and your congregation but to the community as well.

Other news worthy events might include concerts, Christmas and Easter programs and outreach events. These are the meat and potatoes of the church pages of your local newspapers. If you are lucky enough to be launching your church website design to coincide with one of these events, your press release would most likely be taken seriously.

When writing your press release, use the inverted pyramid method. This is the practice of writing about the more important things first and less important items further down the page. The first paragraph should summarize the story and contain all pertinent information.

Example: “Faith Baptist Church at 1500 W. Main Street will hold their annual Easter egg hunt for the entire community on Sunday, April 16, 2009 at 9:00 am.”

This example gives the information as to where the event will be held, the date, time and location. This should be followed by a short paragraph about what to expect during the event as far as activities. The press release should include information as to who to contact with questions or to volunteer to help with the event.

As you continue with the press release, insert information about your church web design being launched for the entire community to view. Make sure it sounds inviting and that the web address is noted. You could write something like; “Read more about this and upcoming events on our website at” This ensures your church website design is noted and at the same time allows your community the opportunity to visit your website and visit your parish as well.

Take the time to find contact information on your local radio hosts and newspaper editors. This information comes in handy when an event is up coming and you need your press release published.

A good press release can provide you with the advertising no money can buy. It not only advertises what you want, but when you want it as well. Churches who make the commitment to reach out to the community find their parishes flourishing with new members simply because their press release was well written and made the church sound inviting.


Lynne Gabriel is the owner of – a church website design company based in Houston, TX. They build custom church website design that are visually-appealing, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage.

ChurchNet USA Unveils New Redesigned Church Resource Website

A One-Stop Resource Center for Churches & Faith-Based Organizations

Orlando, FL (Vocus) May 12, 2010

ChurchNet USA, a full-service resource center for churches and faith-based organizations, is excited to announce their newly designed website, designed specifically to enable church growth through free tool and church resources. The new church and ministry website,, includes interactive tools and church resources sure to meet the needs of faith-based organizations nationwide.

“Our new website includes functions to guide churches in the right direction, allowing for quick and easy access to critical church resources and services,” said Efrain Rodriguez, CEO of ChurchNet USA.

ChurchNet USA’s redesigned website contains a wide variety of information for those interested in starting or growing a faith-based organization. A few of the highlighted church resources included are:

    Free Church Development Review: Existing churches can find out their strengths and weaknesses as well as identify growth opportunities in a one-on-one consultation.
    Church Blog Access: Web visitors can find advice and information about a variety of church and faith-based organization topics written by experienced non profit and church consultants.
    Church Startup: Registered users will have instant access to exclusive articles, church magazine subscriptions, fundraising ideas and email promotions.
    Live Site Chat: Site visitors in a hurry will benefit from live chat functionality, allowing for immediate assistance or consultation.
In addition to the free church resources, ChurchNet USA service sections all include product descriptions, FAQ’s and competitor price comparisons, allowing for quick product research all in one place. Services include: 501c3, accounting, fundraising, faith-based and church grants, marketing, outreach ministry and strategic planning.

“We believe that by supporting the business service needs of sacred organizations they can lighten the burden on organization officials, allowing for more time dedicated to worship and outreach activities necessary for church growth,” said Melanie Swift, Director of Non Profit Services for ChurchNet USA.

About ChurchNet USA

Founded in 2004, ChurchNet USA serves as an all-encompassing resource center for faith-based organizations and churches nationwide. Their mission is to provide affordable services, valuable church resources and flexible solutions to faith-based organizations, enabling them to successfully start-up and grow. For more information visit:


4 Major Tips to Keep Your Church Website Visitor Coming Back for More

4 Major Tips to Keep Your Church Website Visitor Coming Back for More

So you have a rocking cool church website. You just recently redesigned it but what’s next?
Having a website is not enough. You need to make your church website not just another one of million others on the world wide web. Your goal is to make it an effective online ministry.

First step of course is to get your church website visible on the search engines based on the keywords that you believe your “prospects” will use in order to find you. Assuming this has been accomplished, how do you encourage your visitors to keep coming back to your website?

Here are some tips:
1. Regularly update your content.
Nothing can be more disappointing for a visitor than to go back to a church website only to find the same content from 3 or 6 months ago. Add new content even if it’s just the news and events section. If you have a flash slideshow, add 2 or 3 different photos every week. There are a lot of websites that offer free stock photos. If you have a blog, post an article once a week. If there is nothing to put on the news and events section, which is rarely a case, add quotes from men or women of God or verse of the day on the homepage.

2. Offer free resources.
There are different forms of resources that you can offer your visitors:

a. Articles
If possible, post original articles about topics that you believe will benefit both your
church members and website visitors.  It can be both scriptural and practical. You can
also post notes about your past messages, devotionals or short Bible studies.

b. Sermon Audios
Perhaps this is the most valuable resource that you could offer your site visitors.
Whether it’s a church member who might have missed a Sunday service or a site
visitor that is simply looking for some messages to minister to them, this is a great
tool to keep them coming back for more.

c. Videos
Web users love short clip videos. If your website is capable of streaming videos,
be sure to post videos of your services to give site visitors a glimpse of what your
Sunday service is like. Videos of your gatherings and other events are also great.

3. Allow interaction.
Ever wonder why social networking websites are successful? Because they allow interaction. They allow “online fellowship.”  If you have a blog, allow commenting on your blog. If your website has polls, regularly post new polls. If your budget allows, get a forum included. These venues create a venue for your visitors to interact with you and with each other.

4. Make it real.
Create a photo gallery section in your website and show photos of actual people in your church – whether it’s a worship gathering or fun activities, this is something that your site visitors will enjoy. By posting these kind of photos, you give your visitors a sense of who
you are and what you are all about and it gives them a sense that you are real.

Lynne Gabriel is the owner of – a church website design company based in Houston, TX. They build custom church website design that are visually-appealing, user-friendly, and easy-to-manage.

Free Antidepressant Prescribed On Authors Website

Romeoville, IL. (PRWEB) December 15, 2009

In a move going against the recommendations of his marketing staff, author P. E. Calhoun announced today on his website — — the description and process for releasing the free all-natural antidepressant found in our bodies described in his book, 7 Facets of God. This information had previously been used as part of a marketing campaign for 7 Facets of God.

“These times are painful for everyone and holiday blues aren’t helping the people who are suffering the most,” said P. E. Calhoun. Later posting on his website at, “I would rather help others for free then put a price on ‘relief from suffering’.”

When asked about the timing for this post, Mr. Calhoun said timing was due to the hopelessness he see’s in people this holiday season adding that not everybody wants an IPOD or a Droid. He further commented saying, “Some people just want hope.”

About P. E. Calhoun

P. E. Calhoun is the author of 7 Facets of God. Grew up in an abusive home environment and overcame the challenges it provided to write 7 Facets of God. Having overcome, he shares his life learning’s with others who are struggling. He continually seeks challenges which require insightful out-of-the-box perspectives resulting in the most creative solutions. Regularly attends Calvary Church in Naperville Illinois, with a congregation of over 10000 people where he has volunteered as a camera operator since 2004. He has worked eclectically in such industries as the medical industry, transportation industry, and most recently the electronics industry as a Test Engineer.

Contact Information:

Paul Calhoun, author of 7 Facets of God

(630) 885-8237


Jacksonville Church Opposes Anti-Gay Amendment: Posts Names of Petition Signers on Website

JACKSONVILLE, FL (PRWEB) June 12, 2006 –

On June 12, 2006, Christ Church of Peace, a non-denominational Christian congregation, will launch “Know Thy Neighbor Florida,” an outreach ministry directed at fair-minded Floridians who believe in full equality for all people. Through this ministry the church will include as part of its website the names of those who signed the petition in favor of the anti-family, anti-equality Florida Marriage Protection Amendment.

Of the 611,009 signatures necessary to place the amendment on the November 2006 ballot, only 455,363 were gathered by the February 1, 2006, deadline. However, the group sponsoring the petition initiative,, continues in its efforts to obtain the additional signatures needed to place the issue before voters in 2008. If the amendment were to pass, it would amend Florida’s State Constitution to define marriage as a “legal union of one man and one woman as husband and wife,” and that, “no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”

Millions of tax-paying gay and lesbian Floridians would forever be denied equal access to civil marriage, gay marriage, and all other forms of legal recognition such as domestic partnerships and civil unions could be at risk.

The goal of Know Thy Neighbor Florida is two-fold. Visitors to the Jacksonville church’s website can view the list of petition signers and if they see the name of a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor, they then have an opportunity to initiate an open and meaningful conversation with that person about how this discriminatory amendment would affect their life and, in many cases, the lives of their children. There are also concerns about the possibility of fraud in the collection of signatures. “When was launched in Massachusetts last year, it resulted in numerous reports of alleged fraud. While we are not saying that is the case here in Florida, we do believe the only real way to check for possible fraud is to give all Floridians easy and meaningful access to view this public information,” said Christ Church of Peace founding member, John Schumpert.

“I was excited from the first moment that the idea was presented to me for our church to sponsor Know Thy Neighbor Florida,” said the Rev. Gary DeBusk, pastor of Christ Church of Peace. “A portion of our church’s vision statement reads, ‘We will be…a tool for social change.’ And what better way is there to advocate for change than to support equal rights for all people. As the February 1st deadline for signed petitions was approaching, Christ Church of Peace received daily e-mails, faxes and phone calls urging us to gather signatures at worship services and church functions. Now, of course, those who contacted us did not know that Christ Church of Peace is primarily made up of the very people that they are discriminating against. All that they knew was that we were on a list of churches. And unfortunately, a large percentage of their base is from churches. I find it sad that churches, in the name of God and Jesus the Christ, will promote discrimination and marginalization of people, and through peer pressure garner the signatures of their congregants. But, of course, it was also many of these same churches that opposed black civil rights. They were wrong then and they are wrong now! The proposed state constitutional amendment is discriminatory; it limits rights and marginalizes an entire segment of the population; which is completely contrary in a country that self-identifies as the leader of the free world. How free is it when some of its tax-paying citizens are relegated as second class?”

About Christ Church of Peace

Christ Church of Peace is a worshiping and ministering community of believers with a Christian foundation and welcomes people of all races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations and disabilities. We do not exclude anyone from our church: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or straight. Says DeBusk, “I am proud to be the pastor of a Christian church that will not be intimidated, is willing to stand up for equality, and will not allow God, through exclusionary theology, to be used as a tool for discrimination and marginalization. Know Thy Neighbor Florida is the tool that Christ Church of Peace is using to make a difference. It is the tool that we are using to promote equal and civil rights.” Please visit Know Thy Neighbor Florida and, if you see the name of a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker on the list of petition supporters, make sure that person is not a victim of fraud and let them know why marriage equality is important to you.

For further information, contact John Schumpert at 904-388-1229 or visit the site at