The Wealth of the Church (Averea bisericii) 2/5

= = The Wealth of the Romanian Orthodox Church = = Original title: Averea bisericii NOTE: Subtitles are available in both English and Romanian. Just click the “CC” button if they don’t show automatically. An inquiry into the wealth and privileges of the Romanian Orthodox Church, transmitted March 30, 2011, by TVR1, the first channel of the Romanian state television, presented by Cornel Mihalache The show consisted of a filmed report and commentaries made by the presenter and his four guests: – Remus Cernea, president of the Romanian Humanist Association; – Mirela Corlățan, journalist, writing for the “Evenimentul Zilei” daily newspaper; – Father Alexandru Moțoc, General Church Inspector at the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchy; – Sorin Frunză, director of the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs. I have created a playlist with all five parts of the show, as follows, which you can access at or Also, here are the five individual parts: – Part 1 – – Part 2 – (this one!) – Part 3 – – Part 4 – – Part 5 – If you need the subtitling files, you can find them in .SRT format on my blog, at (Of course, you’re welcome to visit the blog even if you’re not looking for the subtitle files.) Last but not least, many thanks to the Youtube user EkemTV ( ), who initially uploaded the film, and to Lucian ( ) who brought it to my attention.
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Was the big church hogging paper and wealth in the dark ages?

Question by Ceiling Cat: Was the big church hogging paper and wealth in the dark ages?
It’s sooo not like Jesus to do…

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Answer by Emotions Blind Your Logic
Of course he wouldn’t because he is fictional. The church is only about money and power if you haven’t noticed by now.

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