Calvary Baptist Church — Washington, DC

Calvary Baptist Church — Washington, DC
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The church is the Calvary Baptist Church, and its meeting house, constructed in 1866, was the first major commission for architect Adolf Cluss. Born in Heilbronn, Germany, in 1825, Cluss learned the architectural trade in his native country, where he also met Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and became involved in the early Communist movement. Cluss appears to have been a pragmatist, eschewing political upheaval and violence but pushing for workers’ rights and democratic reform. After the failure of German reformist rebellions in 1848, Cluss came to America, soon settling in Washington, D.C., where he got a job as a draughtsman at the Navy Yard. For a time he continued to help organize workers and wrote articles on social reform, but eventually he settled into local politics, development, and, of course, architecture.

Hi i’m new to richland area in washington state and I was wondering if there were any churchs in tri cities?

Question by Dayton: Hi i’m new to richland area in washington state and I was wondering if there were any churchs in tri cities?
I’m looking for a church that has a big congregation and has a teen or adult bible study that’s not to old. I am 19 and looking to meet people at church around my age if you could give me a name of a church that’s offers this and the addressee or maybe even number that would be awesome thanks!

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No there aren’t.

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United Church in Washington, D.C.

United Church in Washington, D.C.
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United Church, also known as the Concordia German Evangelical Church and Rectory, at 20th and G Streets NW in Washington, D.C. The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The congregation became known as the United Church when Union Methodist Episcopal Church merged with Concordia German Evangelical Church on January 1, 1975.

From the church’s website: "Today the United Church has tall office buildings, apartments, hotels, shopping centers, and a major university and medical center as its neighbors. Not much remains to show that this neighborhood once had family homes, schools, small shops, and churches and was the center of Washington’s German community. In 1786 this was "Hamburg," a settlement founded by the German Jacob Funck. In 1833 the German Evangelical Concordia Congregation built a church on the corner of 20th and G Streets, NW, a site set aside in Funck’s original plan. A few years later, in 1846, a small group of Methodists who had been meeting in the Union Fire Hall at 19th and H Streets, NW, built their own church: Union Methodist Episcopal Church at 814 20th Street, NW. In January 1975, after many months of prayer and discussion, Concordia United Church of Christ and Union United Methodist Church merged to become The United Church – Die Vereinigte Kirche.
In 1975, two Protestant churches in the center of Washington, DC, two blocks apart, belonging to different denominations and having different traditions and members of differenct ethnic backgrounds, started on a joint ecumenical journey. Today, twenty-five years later, The United Church is a living testimony that there can be unity enriched by great diversity. We offer English and German language services. We are engaged in neighborhood and community concerns and, through various programs, we try to help solve social problems in the inner city."

The church founded Prospect Hill Cemetery, located in NE Washington, D.C., on September 26, 1858.

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