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We are a small Church wanting to start outreach programs?

Question by thewingschurch: We are a small Church wanting to start outreach programs?
Are there any grants programs available to fund the start-up cost of outreach programs and if so where do we find them because we have looked.

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Answer by roderick_young
It seems to me that if you’re small, you should start with outreach programs that match your size. Maybe one person is divorced, and can start a group with 3-4 other divorced people looking for advice. Maybe one guy likes cycling, could start doing rides on Saturday. Maybe you have someone that wants to start a quilting circle. Or a couple teenagers that want to make 2 sandwiches a week, and take them to skid row to hand out to a homeless person.

There’s a lot you can do without it costing anything, and besides, money is hard to come by in these times.

Another thing you could do is tag along with another, larger Church’s outreach programs. Why not, it still builds the Kingdom?

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