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Free performances of play giving voice to the “untouchable people” of India

Free performances of play giving voice to the “untouchable people” of India
SPEAKING UP: An original play, “UntouchableVoices,” a collaborative effort by Anna Procter ofAustralia and singer-songwriter Tabea Manglesdorfof Germany will debut locally on Sunday at 1 p.m. at Christ ChurchCathedral and at 7:30 p.m. at the Regional Arts Commission.
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Oct. 22 In brief
First Christian ‘Missa Gaia’ Sunday A presentation of Paul Winter’s “Missa Gaia (Earth Mass)” will be at 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 24, at Ames First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 611 Clark Ave., in Ames. Missa Gaia will feature the Ames Children’s Choir and Mary Swander, poet laureate of Iowa and professor of English at Iowa State University. The public is welcome. A $ 10 donation is …
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Church asks for help after vandals hit
Galvestons Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church needs help after vandals made off with the copper coils from the church’s air conditioning system.
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The Black Voice at Virginia Seminary: New Book Addresses Plight Against Institutional Racism

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) July 27, 2009

The Rev. Joseph M. Constant, director of Ethnic Ministries and Student Life at Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), has just release a new book, “No Turning Back: the Black Presence at Virginia Theological Seminary” (Evergreen Press), which endeavors to capture the story of racism in the life of the institutions of the Bishop Payne Divinity School and the VTS.

“No Turning Back” was written in response to the 2006 General Convention Resolution A123 in which The Episcopal Church resolved to “acknowledge its history of participation in [slavery] and the deep and lasting injury which the institution of slavery and its aftermath have inflicted on society and on the Church.” The letter of apology from Dean Markham included in the book is an explicit acknowledgement of the Seminary’s own failures and is reflective of the commitment of the Seminary to address its own failures in eradicating racism.

“No Turning Back” also ensures that the rich history and tradition in the Episcopal Church amongst African Americans–particularly as it relates to theological education at VTS–is not lost.

“The total impact of this book is striking,” said the Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, dean and president of Virginia Seminary. “It is a powerful analysis and narrative of an institution’s interaction with unjust structures and a powerful challenge to us all to make the world different for the future.”

In addition to an introduction by the Rev. Lloyd A. Lewis, Ph.D. (VTS ’72), the Seminary’s Molly Laird Downs Professor of New Testament, the book includes a historical narrative and interviews with several of the black graduates of VTS. “My interviews with the graduates of Virginia Theological Seminary,” said Constant, “bear witness to the fact that those who are concerned with racial justice must pay close attention to the future of theological education since there is ‘no turning back.'”

A 2003 graduate of VTS, Mr. Constant comes to VTS following service at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. Born in Haiti, Mr. Constant is the founder of the Haiti-Micah Project, a nonprofit Christian organization committed to addressing the most basic needs of impoverished and uneducated street children in Haiti.

Asserted Constant, “It is my hope this book will open a dialogue at a Diocesan and local Church level and at seminaries as we examine the future of the Episcopal Church and the future of our black membership.”

Copies of “No Turning Back” are now available in the Cokesbury bookstore on the VTS campus and can be purchased by calling 703-461-1768.

Founded in 1823, Virginia Theological Seminary (http://www.vts.edu) is the largest of the 11 accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church. The Seminary prepares men and women for service in the Church worldwide, both as ordained and lay ministers, and offers a number of professional degree programs and diplomas. The Seminary currently represents more than 40 different dioceses and five different countries.


Susan Shillinglaw

Virginia Theological Seminary




New Online International Christian Community is Forging the Way to Global Fellowship through Voice Video Conferencing

(PRWEB) December 4, 2005

World in Christ seeks to be a unique and uplifting look at meaningful Bible quotes leading to personal inspirational outlooks. World in Christ is a new Christian global community where people connect through live voice and text chat with optional web cam.

In addition to providing meaningful and thought provoking Bible Quotes, World in Christ is a christian gathering place where lovers of Christ and people who enjoy immersing themselves in everything about Jesus Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven on earth is about. If you love Jesus Christ or just want to learn more about what he did for you and the rest of the world then add World in Christ to your favorites list as a site to visit regularly. You never know what may be revealed to you that could be the turning point in your spiritual life. May peace be with you my friend and relation in humanity as you have arrived here as a seeker or teacher of spiritual truth and wisdom. World in Christ is a christian church and fellowship community.

Here at world in Christ we like to deliver up to the minute Christian news so you may keep on top of world events as they unfold. Coming soon as volunteers become available on live global christian chat will be live prayer requests through the live prayer room. If nobody seems to be in the room when you download your instant free access just know that God is always there with you. The Holy spirit is your internal guide and counsellor who hears all your prayers and supplications to God. If you trust in Jesus Christ with your prayer relationship then you will know your prayers are being heard by God almighty.

Peace be with you.

David Baker


Charlotte Church – Voice of an Angel in Concert

Charlotte Church – Voice of an Angel in Concert

CHURCH:VOICE OF AN ANGEL-IN CONCERT – DVD MovieAmong the more charming–and improbable–of pre-millennial success stories is the left-field crossover triumph for this Welsh soprano, 12 years old at the time of her debut, and still on the near side of her teens in this concert video derived from a hit PBS special. At a time when “teeny pop” reigns over MTV and radio playlists, Church’s serene program of Welsh and Irish folk airs, devotional hymns, and generally tranquil classical melodies gives alternative music an entirely new meaning.

Then again, it’s just possible that Church’s very appeal rests on the delicate balance between the unapologetic sweetness of her music and the unforced girlishness she flashes between songs, rare qualities indeed against the harsher foil of sexualized pop culture. Given the degree to which various predecessors, from Brenda Lee to Tanya Tucker to LeAnn Rimes, have been groomed to transmit a precocious “maturity,” Church’s virginal typecasting may be methodically anachronistic, but at least it offers a calming refuge from the mixed messages and soft-core spin offered by Britney Spears.

Director David Mallet, who’s become the DeMille of up-market music videos and a staple for PBS fund drive specials, applies a familiar balance of sure technical craft and slick sentimentality. He dresses the Brixton Academy concert site with a faux stained glass window, flickering candle light, and delicate laser lighting units that imbue Church with a backlit radiance, just so we won’t miss the angel connection. Skeptics will also note her Andrew Lloyd Webber connection (the signature Pie Jesu), as well as canny nods to Celtic chic in the inclusion of such warhorse choices as “Danny Boy” and “My Lagan Love.” Still, whether or not the young star achieves her dream of singing Tosca at La Scala, for the moment Church achieves a poised lyricism that’s no mean feat. –Sam Sutherland

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