Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, Salvador – Brazil – Visit Brazil – World cup 2014 in brazil

The Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim (Portuguese: Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim) is the most famous of the Catholic churches of Salvador, in the State of …

How will I be greeted if I visit a LDS church?

Question by B A: How will I be greeted if I visit a LDS church?
So I am thinking of visiting a LDS church to see what is it like and don’t really know what happens?

Do I have to wear like a suit and tie like the Jehovah’s Witnesses do to their church?

Will anybody come and talk to me like the church members and the pastor or will nobody notice I am there and say nothing to me.

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Answer by Elvis
Like a gentleman and a scholar.

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Can you suggest some good websites to visit for Church History and Bible Helps?

Question by cristoiglesia: Can you suggest some good websites to visit for Church History and Bible Helps?
Thanks a lot friends, I am a sincere seeker of the truth.

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Answer by Suomynona
Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

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I have to visit a Jehovahs Witness church for class. Know any websites that will let me know what I’m in for?

Question by Conrad: I have to visit a Jehovahs Witness church for class. Know any websites that will let me know what I’m in for?
My Anthropology professor assigned us to visit different churches and write reports. I got assigned to go to a Jehovah’s Witness church.

Know of any good websites that will let me know what to expect, how to behave, etc?

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Answer by MIka
I don’t know websites, but if you google the “watchtower” you will find a Jehovahs Witness organization. They have all kinds of JW information.

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Ten Essential Things To Do When You Visit Latvia

Ten Essential Things To Do When You Visit Latvia

This country on the shores of the Baltic Sea lies on fertile plains covered by vast swathes of forest. Once part of the USSR, Latvia gained its independence on Aug. 21, 1991. The nation has one of the fastest-growing Gross Domestic Product ratings in Europe in recent memory. It is a very beautiful country, both in the urban and rural areas, and the city center of the capital, Riga, has been designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for its unique examples of architecture.

1.) Dome Cathedral

This old building was erected in 1211 after German Crusaders made the populace amenable to conversion to Christianity. It is the largest church in the Baltic region. Don’t miss hearing the cathedral’s organ with its nearly 7000 pipes, an amazing contraption, a national treasure of international standing.

2.) St. John’s Church

Located in Riga, this church was built in the fourteenth century. It is made up of a mix of Gothic architecture and Romanesque style. This church is also one of the notable buildings in a city full of interesting architecture.

3.) Holy Trinity Church

Speaking of churches and organs, this one is located in Liepaja, Latvia’s third-largest city and an important port. Hear Mass here and listen to the world’s biggest unreconstructed pipe organ play, with its 7,000 pipes and 141 stops. This is a great counterpoint to another Liepaja attraction.

4.) Karosta

Ever wondered what life on the other side of the Iron Curtain was like? Latvia was one of the bastions of Soviet defense against the American empire, and former bases like Karosta give one an opportunity to see what being a defender of the USSR was like. Among the things to see at Karosta are the Officer’s Palace, the Old Prison, the breakwater and its fortifications.

5.) Liepaja

This Baltic port remains relatively ice-free during the winter. Tourists can dine and hang out at the numerous eating establishments at the city center, then go for a stroll at Seaside Park. The town also offers a beach that is boasted as having the whitest sand in the Baltics.

6.) Casinos

If you’re struck by a gambling mood while in-country, you’d better be in Riga. There, the Olympic Voodoo Casino can help address your needs. It’s the biggest casino in the whole of Latvia.

7.) Hunting

The prevalence of unspoiled countryside means that there is a lot of game to be had in Latvia. Deer, boar, moose, beaver, lynx, and wildfowl are some of the animals available for hunting. The SFS (State Forest Service) is the major authority administering hunting laws, so be sure to coordinate with them if you plan on going hunting. Be aware that Latvia also conforms to EU hunting laws.

8.) Freedom Monument

In the center of Riga stands the 42-meter-tall statue of a woman with her arms raised, holding aloft three stars. This is the Freedom Monument, which, among other things, is a symbol of Latvian freedom and commemorates those who were deported to the gulags during Soviet times. Locally, the statue is known by the name Milda.

9.) Sigulda

This old town is located on the Gauja River. Tourists can ply the waters during the summer and ski during the winter season. Among the local attractions are Turaida Castle and museum as well as some local caves.

10.) Jurmala

Fifteen minutes away by railway travel, this resort town stretches along the Gulf of Riga near the Lielupe River. It is a perfect destination for those who want forests, sandy beaches, and bright sunshine. Drivers to Jurmala need to buy a special ticket to enter here.

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Library sponsors Pulitzer finalist’s visit

Library sponsors Pulitzer finalist’s visit
Pulitzer Prize finalist and Ohio native Regina Brett will be featured Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. in the downstairs fellowship hall of the First United Methodist Church at 201 W. High Ave.
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New Pitcairn theater owner sees community as her stage
There is a new church and performing arts center in Pitcairn. Beginning tonight, Thursday, the play, “Distorted Love,” will be performed at the Charles A. Stewart Performing Arts Center on Third Street.  read more »
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Fire marshal investigating Hartselle church fire
HARTSELLE — The state fire marshal and investigators with the Hartselle Fire Department are trying to determine the cause of a Tuesday blaze that destroyed a church.
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A Visit to Historic Stratford upon Avon

A Visit to Historic Stratford upon Avon

May I suggest a visit to Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire if you are planning a visit to the United Kingdom. This town is steeped in history and is best known for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Parts of the old town still exist and you can still see many of the original buildings. There is so much to see and do that a return visit may be necessary!

A visit to Stratford would not be complete without taking in a performance by the RSC or Royal Shakespeare Company whose performances of Shakespeare’s works are world renowned. There are several theatres in Stratford but the two most worthy of note are The Swan Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The Swan has undergone complete refurbishment and will re-open in early 2011. You can also book a back stage tour where you can see some of the sets and costumes. Take a guided tour where you will be told about the way in which a performance is organised.

The Bancroft Gardens are located in front of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, on the banks of the river Avon. There are perfectly manicured lawns of emerald green where you might like to sit and take in the views or nibble on a picnic. There are several statues including one of Shakespeare by Lord Ronald Sutherland Gower and the swan fountain. There are also many cruises where you can glide up and down the river taking in the sights.

You might like to visit the Holy Trinity church. As well as having the graves of William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway, this 13th century church has its own history. There was a church built on the banks of the river Avon previously and is mentioned in historical documents dating from 845AD. The Holy Trinity church is constructed from limestone and work commenced in 1210AD. There have been several modifications over the centuries including a glorious stained glass window which was a gifted by the American people in the 20th century.

For even more culture and history, a visit to the Stratford Armories is not to be missed. There are several galleries dedicated to different exhibitions including The Indian Gallery which contains many unique artifacts including a set of full size elephant armour. The Globe Gallery holds ancient artifacts of war from around the world. Don’t miss The Arms and Armour Gallery which exhibits a vast range of items of war from Leonardo Di Vinci’s cross bow to the oldest known cannon. As well as the art of war artefacts, there are also many works of art to view.

If you would like something of a more sporting nature, be thrilled by the ‘sport of kings’ at Stratford racecourse. Listen to the thundering hooves on turf, the rustle of the brush fences as the horses pour over them and the rising exhilaration of the spectators, whether you are looking for a hospitality package or just an easy day at the races enjoying a small wager, this will be a memorable a day out.

There is so much more to see and do in and around Stratford upon Avon, youire bound to find many things to entertain your family for the extent of your vacation.

If you are planning to visit Stratford upon Avon, there is so much to see and do that you need to do a little research beforehand so that you don’t miss anything.

Do you need to prepare anything when you are to visit a Roman Catholic Church for the very first time?

Question by Solina: Do you need to prepare anything when you are to visit a Roman Catholic Church for the very first time?
My friend has been considering to attend to a Roman Catholic Church’s mass for the very first time. Obviously, since she has never visited a Roman Catholic Church before, she was not baptised nor confirmed. In her first visit, what should she prepare or bring, so that she would not feel awkward by making a crucial mistake?

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Answer by David
be sure to bathe. other than that, you,re o.k.

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