Virginia’s Mountain Churches of The Blue Ridge – DanTraveling

The Mountain people walked and rode horseback on these narrow back roads in Virginia, many roads were dirt back then. All just to visit their rock churches and to hear Rev. Bob Childress teach and preach. Thanks so much Kim Komando for featuring our video as your Video of the Day! Your Technically Awesome. We Guest Blogged on this really great website Fun Things You Should Do Our Google Map Tour of the Rock Churches This video helped us raise money independently for the American Cancer Society. We also donate half of the Ad Share revenues to the ACS though the end of January. Together raised so far approx 0 AdSense Reported from personal donations to ACS 5.87 Thanks so much to the following people and organizations Borgnet dot Net Adventure Crew The folks in the courthouse The folks in the Church The folks with ACS The folks with the Paper http Kevin MacLeod Library of Congress Site Thanks to the Anonymous Donations made in several honor and memory of several names. dmccoig dan mccoig
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