Services Honor Connecticut school shooting victims

Residents from around the region streamed Friday into St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown, Conn., to mourn the 20 children and six adults who were killed when a gunman opened fire in an elementary school. A memorial Mass got under way at 7 pm ET at the church, whose pastor, Msgr. Robert Weiss, spent much of the day at a firehouse that had been turned into a gathering place for families affected by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The church was packed, and hundreds of people who couldn’t get in stood silently outside, where 26 candles were set up by a tree wth a cross. Some held hands, praying as a group. Others reverently touched a statue of Saint Rose, the first person native to the Americas to be canonized by the Catholic Church, before crossing themselves. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was among the speakers at the service inside the St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic church, “Many of us today and in the coming days will rely on what we have been taught and what we believe, that there is faith for a reason,” Malloy said. The service was just one of many prayer services and vigils planned across Connecticut through the weekend, NBC Connecticut reported. A statewide moment of silence was observed at 9 pm ET. After the vigil at St. Rose, Weiss told reporters gathered outside that six or seven kids who had attended the church were among the 20 children who died. “I think the families are very broken,” he said. “I’m sure that they’re still wondering and

Belgian panel asks church to compensate abuse victims

Belgian panel asks church to compensate abuse victims
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A Belgian parliamentary inquiry asked the Catholic Church Wednesday to compensate people who were abused by priests as children.
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Belgian parliament backs report on church abuse
RAF CASERT Associated Press BRUSSELS Belgium’s parliament on Wednesday called for an independent arbitration committee to deal with years of child abuse by Roman Catholic clergy and possible compensation for victims. A special parliamentary committee unanimously approved a report, which also urges to extend the time for victims to come forward with their complaints to 15 years after adulthood …
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Exclusive: Bishop Of Camden Diocese Speaks About Church Sex Abuse Scandal
Bishop Joseph Galante spoke with Eyewitness News, making him the only church leader in the area to speak with the media since the latest grand jury report about priest sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
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Church Describes Train Wreck Victims’ Injuries

Church Describes Train Wreck Victims’ Injuries
More details are coming out about the seriousness of some of the injuries suffered by children on a kiddie train that overturned in a park on Saturday.
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Spring-Ford ReporterReligious World listings
Bethel Hill United Methodist Church holds Sunday morning services at 8:15 and 9:30 a.m. Sunday school for all ages runs at 9:30 a.m.
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Church head: “Gay cure” iPhone app not offensive
Exodus International president Alan Chambers suggests scare tactics led to Apple decision pull app
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Fire Victims Receive Gift of New Home on Eve of 2007 Wildfires Anniversary

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) September 24, 2008

Nearly one year after the fall 2007 wildfires that devastated areas of Southern California, many families are still struggling to get back on their feet. That will soon change for one San Diego family of nine, who will be moving into their new house donated by Envision Homes in partnership with the Rock Church of San Diego. At 10:30 AM Friday, September 26, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at the site of the completed new home, at 16572 Highland Trails Way in Ramona, San Diego, marking a new chapter in the lives of John and Adrienne Oleson and their seven children.

Greg Bradford, CEO of Envision Homes in Central Valley, and Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, made plans shortly after the 2007 wildfires to construct and donate a new house to a family left homeless by the firestorm. “We hope to continue in the rebuilding efforts,” said McPherson, “first with a new house for the Olesons, and secondly by raising awareness for the numerous fire victims that have not fully recovered from their losses.”

The Olesons are longtime residents of Ramona who were between insurance policies when the fires swept through their neighborhood. A committee chose them to receive the free house based on overall need and their record of community service. The new home, which is on the same site as the original house, has approximately 2,100 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a loft.

Bradford, who established Envision Homes in 2005 after a successful career as a builder in Central Valley, said he felt deeply moved by the devastation throughout Southern California last fall. He describes being called by God to build a house for a family in need, despite the downturn in the housing market.

“We believe it is our responsibility as community leaders to help those in need and strive to build partnerships with the community to help people get back on their feet,” said Bradford, who established Envision Homes out of a desire to build affordable homes without sacrificing quality. The organization is committed to excellence, and strives to serve the community through its philanthropic efforts. Envision Homes was one of the first to respond to the wildfire rebuild efforts and continues to work towards meeting the needs of the many families affected. Please visit for more details.

The Rock Church moved into its new home on Aug. 26, 2007 at Liberty Station in Point Loma, where Pastor McPherson is known for his “Do Something” approach to evangelism and ministry. During the October firestorm, the Rock acted as an evacuation site for fire victims, and then expanded to a fully functioning supply and distribution center due to the large amount of donations by the church and community members. Visit for more information.


One Million Dollars Donated to Katrina Victims

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 14, 2005

On Wednesday, October 19, 2005, Bishop Neil C. Ellis of Nassau, Bahamas will present a one million dollar check to Bishop Paul S. Morton of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship for victims of Hurricane Katrina. A multi-cultural and multi-denominational organization, the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship was founded under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton in 1993. The event will take place during a press conference at 2:00 PM at the DoubleTree Hotel in Houston. At the Conference, Bishop Joseph Simmons will describe the role of the Full Gospel Economic Development Corporation and Bishop Morton will explain the four-point plan for distribution of the donation. Over 0,000 in relief supplies have been previously distributed to victims of Katrina through the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship.

The Pastor of Mount Tabor, a 7,000 member church, Bishop Ellis is the third presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. An internationally acclaimed speaker, he is also the author of nine books including, “The Power of the Blood” and “Living in Your Promised Land.” Bishop Ellis studied at the New York School of Theology, earning a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries.

Since inception, the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship has expanded and now has headquarters in the United States, Bahamas, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Africa, Asia, India and Japan. The Fellowship offices in New Orleans were significantly damaged and are now uninhabitable. As a result of this catastrophe and the many tragedies witnessed by hurricane evacuees from their New Orleans congregations, the Full Gospel Fellowship is taking an active role in supporting and rebuilding the lives and communities of those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Currently the largest growing African American denominational fellowship in the world, Full Gospel seeks to be heard as the “Faith Voice of Katrina.”

The DoubleTree Hotel is located in Houston, Texas at 400 Dallas Street. For more information, call Jan Norris at 713-819-6775 or email him at

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Belgian Church focuses on victims

Belgian Church focuses on victims
The new head of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church pledges to focus on the victims of alleged child sexual abuse, in the wake of a damning report.
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Belgian Church Seeks Way out of Abuse Crisis
Belgian church acknowledges widespread sexual abuse over years by clergy, promises action Sexual abuse – Clergy – Support Groups – Catholic Church – Belgium
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Anger From Victims’ Groups as Belgian Archbishop Responds to Abuse Report
The Roman Catholic church acknowledged sexual abuse by its clergy and pleaded for time to set up a system to punish all abusers.
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Who Helps the Victims

Who Helps the Victims

Thousands of people around the world are becoming victims to these cyber crimes like Phishing, Identity theft, and Nigerian scams but what happens after these people become victims. When my wife and I became victims of a Nigerian scam with Identity theft wrapped into it very few if any offered us any type of assistance. Victims of crimes like these are being re victimized by local law enforcement, banks, and mortgage companies. The re victimization is after these people first become victims of one of these cyber crimes. It isn’t the cyber crime that destroys these victims but instead it is because of the ignorance of local law enforcement.

When my wife and I were arrested for criminal intent, at BSO 3 male officers strip searched my wife. You would think that for strip searching a female they would have female officers do this. Then for the next 3 years BSO prosecuted us for criminal intent. No speedy trial or anything. Their star witness against us was a 3 time felon who agreed to give testimony against us in exchange for her not having to go to prison on an armed robbery charge that was pending against her.

Do you know how hard it is to get a job someplace when they do a background check and see that you are currently being prosecuted for Grand Theft? I, myself, was incarcerated for almost a month because of this stuff. I would have been there throughout Christmas but the judge decided to hear a few cases on December 24th, postponing her Christmas leave. Of course, I did have to spend the next 2 months on house arrest.

Just to pay my bills I accepted work in construction one summer which is very unusual for me because of my handicaps. I had to agree to low wages because of all the illegal immigrants that usually work these jobs for cheap. The only person that ever really offered us any help was my Mom who made sure our rent was paid every month. I wasn’t looking for handouts but just a job where I could work and pay my bills each month. The jobs I did get would eventually be lost because of all the time I had to take off from work to appear in court. We finally had to cop a plea for BS because we couldn’t afford to lose more jobs.

Our local church, Calvary Baptist, did help with for groceries but all those agencies that are supposedly out there to help with utilities and rent, their help is pretty much non existent. I’ve heard stories of victims who had never ever been arrested before now being incarcerated for these periods of time after they have become victims. You would think that sites like Ebay, Yahoo, Google and BofA would educate their members by sending out an email to everybody but these places say that it is a liability issue and they just look the other way. Even if you become a victim on a site like Ebay they still will offer no help whatsoever.

My son, Jake, who makes good money from sites like MySpace has decided to try and help some of the victims of these cyber crimes. He is an affiliate for this software suite called BuddyPromoter and he has shipped it free to a few victims and has even given them tutorials on how they can replace some of their lost income by utilizing sites like MySpace.

My wife, Karyn, is now a volunteer for this one site Fraudaid which helps victims of this cyber crime that is hitting so many people on the Internet these days. I, myself, have even tried to help some of these people but I have found that a lot of people will not even aknowledge the help you have given them and this rubs me the wrong way.

In the end, who is there to help the victims of the ever growing cyber crime that is victimizing people from all walks of life?

Jeffrey has over 2 decades experience in the business world. When he writes he blends his unique wit and humour into every article which if you rread his blog you can see all of his many works.