APC’S Men Of Valour Conference 2008

A commercial advertising the Apostolic Pentecostal Church Of Pickering’s 2008 Men Of Valour Conference. This year’s theme is Boldness to Magnify Christ! Men of all ages throughout time have been bold about many things. Did you know that Christ expects his followers to boldly magnify HIM? This conference is designed to allow every man to find the boldness built in him to magnify Christ! Service Schedule Friday, September 19th – 7:30pm Saturday, September 20th – 7:00pm Sunday, September 21st – 11:30am & 6:30pm All are welcome to attend worship services Men’s Seminar & Breakfast Saturday, September 20th – 10:00am Guest Speaker: Pastor D. Green For men only. Free of charge. Please register by contacting Bro. Jens at 905-420-3935. Also visit www.apcministries.com for more info.
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