Helsinki Vacation Travel will Heat Up with Renewed Focus on Overseas Travel

Norwalk, CN (PRWEB) February 3, 2006

The upswing in the economy and a renewed emphasis on the quality of life has many Americans looking overseas for their next vacation. Though perennial favorites like London, Paris and Italy will see the biggest upswings in travelers, other destinations including Helsinki will see an increase in tourism.

Helsinki is a beautiful city that is ideal to tour on foot because of its compact layout. From Senate Square to Market Square, there are great sites, sounds and tastes for travelers of any age, style and taste.

Suomenlinna offers you the ability to tour one of the largest maritime fortresses in the world, built on six islands and full of museums, great restaurants, terrific cafes, many special events and things to do.

Helsinki is a great family vacation destination with the biggest attractions being: the Sea Life & Helsinki Zoo and the Linnanmaki Amusement Park. This amusement park adds a new attraction every year and has a legendary rollercoaster. One visit to the park and you will see why it is the highlight of every Finnish child’s summer vacation each year.

With great art museums, beautiful old churches and wonders around every corner, Helsinki is a great vacation destination. Virgin Vacations recently announced Helsinki vacation packages that start at 9 per person, depending on dates selected, occupancy and departure city (details can be found on Virgin Vacations’ website:

With the anticipated increase in travel across Europe and with Virgin Vacations announcement of great travel packages including Helsinki vacations, the travel industry will continue to heat up in these winter months.

About Virgin Vacations:

Virgin Vacations was first established in 1994 as the inclusive tour arm of Virgin Atlantic Airways, operating under the name Virgin Atlantic Vacations. The primary focus was to provide inclusive tour options to passengers on Virgin Atlantic routes. In May 2002 Virgin Vacations was

established as a separate company under the parent of Virgin Atlantic Limited. Virgin Vacations continues to promote and sell great deals, such as the Florence & Venice travel deals as well as many other worldwide destinations.

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Great Family Vacation Spot in Christ Church Barbados

Great Family Vacation Spot in Christ Church Barbados

If you want a good idea for a great family vacation spot in Barbados, then why not check out the Pirate’s Inn at Christ Church in the south end of the island.

A Family Vacation Spot in Barbados isn’t really any different from anywhere else in the respect that it needs to be near enough to walk to a beach or beaches. There needs to be watersports plus proximity to golf, tennis, squash, and other dry land sports, and of course shops, restaurants, banks, and supermarkets. In addition there is the safety element both in and out of the water. Choose the Pirate’s Inn, and you will be more than satisfied on all these counts, which makes it the right spot for a great family vacation.

Another couple of points to make in that all the rooms have a kitchenette, which means there is a self catering option which is often much better for a family vacation, so you aren’t necessarily tied to meal times. Children get hungry and tired at the most inconvenient times in a hotel!!

The rooms in the Pirate’s Inn come as Studio Suites with a generous 360 square feet of space, or 1 bedroom apartments which are big enough for families. It is also fair to regard the Pirate’s Inn as a cheap hotel with an average price of around USD90 per night.

Guest satisfaction is high at this family vacation spot, and one of the main reasons given was that Pirate’s Inn is different to most hotels. Many guests feel almost paralyzed by inaction when they stay in a hotel. It’s like having the power of choice removed the second you walk through the door. What with meal times, and the almost sheep like behaviour of guests, with everyone doing what everyone else is doing. By comparison arrival at the Pirate’s Inn and the fact you can have a mobile phone issued to use, then the realization that you have a kitchenette opens up a world of possibilities, and so you view your holiday quite differently.

As an example you are now very much more likely to get out of the hotel and mingle with local people. You will be going quickly to the local supermarket, and realize immediately how much cheaper everything is there, from the booze to basic foodstuffs. Whilst not suggesting for one second you are going to eat in, at least you have another choice of what to do. Statistically you will eat out more, you will travel around more, and you will really appreciate how nice it is to return to Pirate’s Inn, instead of spending your entire holiday complaining about shortcomings in your family hotel, because you haven’t been anywhere, or seen anything.

This may seem like a rant, but sadly it is all too common with any family vacation spot if you are stuck with it because you have a meal deal. Even the best food in a hotel becomes repetitive after a week, but if it is prepaid or you are all inclusive, then you have to lump it.

Not so at the Pirate’s Inn, where you have a hotel with a great pool, perfectly located for anything you want to do.

The staff are warm and helpful, as well as being efficient, understanding and kind. You will be more than reassured by the high level of security with 24 hour staff on duty for this purpose. You won’t ever feel unsafe at night because the hotel is locked up and guards are there. For a relaxing family vacation spot you can’t really ask for more.

The cleanliness is also above reproach, so if you just continue to remind yourself that the Pirate’s Inn is a cheap hotel, and is not The Hilton, you should be well pleased with this as a family vacation idea.

Andrew Watkins is the owner of Barbados Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about Barbados.