Lion and Lamb TV : Church of Christ Unveiled, Part 1 of 8

We at the Lion and Lamb are embarking on a very important study of a false gospel that is gaining considerable ground in Christian circles. The Church of Christ. We will treat this series of videos in the same manner with which we covered Romanism and Mormonism. We will hold up their doctrine to the only Truth, God’s Word the Bible. As usual we will not, like they do, take verses out of context, but supply you with the entire thought on a topic as brought forth in Holy Writ.
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Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled by Best-Selling Author Steven S. Sadleir Just Released on Amazon April 15th

Christ Enlightened

Laguna Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2010

The latest book by Steven S. Sadleir called Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled will be released on Amazon (CreateSpace) this month. Steven retells the story of Christianity: Hundreds of scholars from around the world have been discovering pieces of a lost puzzle about Jesus Christ and his teachings and it’s creating a whole new and very different story. According to Steven there was a whole corpus of literature that the Aramaic speaking Semitic Christians from Israel, the disciples who actually walked with Jesus (and their children and grandchildren), where shown how to realize God by going within – the Kingdom of Heaven was the enlightenment of the consciousness. These teachings were later rejected by the Greco-Roman Churches as Steven explains, and lost to the world until recently.

Sadleir, who’s best-seller Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the world, served as a base for his research for world religions and inspiration for keeping up with recent archeological finds and historical developments within Judaism and Christianity. In Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled Steven delves into ancient history, to the very origins of God and the Bible, he explains what’s in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Merkabah and the Kabbalah. Here Steven reveals what has been revealed through the Nag Hammadi Library and the gospels of Thomas, James, Philip and Mary Magdalene, and how some of the first churches were run by female bishops. Steven also delves into the gospels of the Ebionites, Nazareans, Hebrews and Egyptians and draws heavily from the Aramaic Bible called the Peshitta.

Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled draws from the leading scholars from the best universities from around the world, including: Karen Armstrong, George Lamsa, David Levine, Rabbi Berg, Bart Ehrman, James Robinson, Rocco Errico, Elaine Pagels, Marvin Meyers and many others. The book begins by explaining the convergence of prophesies indicating a universal shift in consciousness occurring even now, and how we have already begun a Second Reformation of Christianity. According to leading historians, Jesus was not a god, was not born of a virgin but was the expected son of Joseph and Mary and anticipated Messiah of the Jews, and, moreover, did not die in remission of original sin but rather as a martyr teaching us how not to sin. According to Steven, who is recognized as a spiritual master in two lineages from India, Jesus was a “Kabbalistic Yogi” teaching the way to enlightenment.

Steven S. Sadleir is the best-selling author Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religious and Spiritual Paths of the World and co-author (with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and others) of Wake Up: Live the Life You Love, as well as others. Steven is director of the Self Awareness Institute and Christ Enlightened, with students in over 120 countries, and host of Enlightenment Radio one of the largest spiritual talk radio programs on the Internet and pick up on iTunes.

Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled

By Steven S. Sadleir

208 pages, paper, .95

ISBN 978-1-4392-6785-1

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