Go To Church – Ice Cube (uncesored)

[Snoop Dogg] Whattup it’s the big boss Dogg Snoop DO-double-G, Eastside LBC And I’m bobbin to the beat of my OG homeboy Ice Cube And I’m C-walkin on the motherfuckin concrete [Intro: Ice Cube] Yo if you’re fucked up, put your cups up Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, nigga what’s up See he’s a gangster, I’m a hustler Yo it’s either thank ya, or it’s fuck ya [Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)] I’m down with Lil Jon ain’t got to pretend (YEAH!) “Crunk Juice” nigga run the club that you in (HEY!) You scary motherfuckers don’t wanna bring the ruckus (NAH!) You just spend all your time in the club tryin to duck us (WHAT?) And if you walk by nigga, I’ma knock fire nigga from yo’ ass, you can come try nigga (HEY!) In the hood, all the way down South (YEAH!) I ain’t Mike Jones, keep my name out’cha mouth bitch (Mike Jones) We can get it crackin if it get to clickin clackin Look at Mr. Jackson, nigga with no reaction If you scared, go to church, we gon’ hit you where it hurts That don’t work, we’ll put you in the dirt Cause a whole lot of rappers make a whole lot of noise (hey) Lyrics full of steroids, niggaz paranoid (hey) And when you get that blowup, it make you throw up When you realize your favorite rapper ain’t got no nuts [Chorus 2X: Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)] If you a scared motherfucker go to church (GO TO CHURCH) If you a gutter motherfucker do your dirt (A DO YOUR DIRT) If you a down motherfucker put in work (A PUT IN WORK) IF you a crazy motherfucker go berzerk (A GO BERZERK!) [Snoop Dogg] Click
Video Rating: 4 / 5