ARE YOU ON THIS LIST – if you are your in huge trouble!!

****RATE and SHARE**** Does this video make you sick?..or HOW ABOUT SICK and TIRED of ALL the lies that have been forced down your throat by ALL these CRIMINAL’S for YEARS!!!! It makes us at FREEAMERICA Beyond sick…..we feel it in our SOUL every damned day….NOW you need to start feeling it as well…DON’T just watch it…FEEL how that woman felt during and after being beat, or lying in a pool of your own blood KNOWING the Authority figure you were taught to respect almost JUST killed you…Then got away with it!!! How DOES she feel? She is someone’s , Wife,girlfriend, sister, and/or daughter…IMAGINE THAT! NOW how do you feel?…GET SICK and TIRED..THEN GET PISSED OFF!!! You have been lied to your WHOLE life by those we are TOLD to TRUST and RESPECT..I dont know about you…People HAVE too EARN our TRUST, NOW WHAT?….ASK US..we will tell you. Peace and Love, DOC & RAE
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