trades description

trades description
Church advertising
Image by Kalense Kid
The school chapel. Ours was a staunch Anglican tradition. I think the padre (there was a strong army odour about the school) would have burned incense if he thought he could get away with it. He made his mark on me – I shall forever associate high church Christianity with the smell of stale whisky and cigarette-tainted halitosis – and is largely responsible for my steadfast belief in the idiocy of religion.

Staunch Anglican then, but what it is now? Slogans on the wall? Dear me, hardly the done thing, a little ostentatious, isn’t it? Other adjectives like tawdry and fundamentalist keep sneaking into my mind.

Jesus saves, keeps and satisfies? Since he has been dead for some time now, he can do none of the above, and this is mendacious advertising.