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Sponsored by Hiscox – hiscoxusa.com Jose and Aure share best practices in estimation, planning and keeping web projects on track. 0:00 Welcome to TWi Web Design with Aure Gimon, Xin Chung, & Victoria Heric 3:45 Xin Chung talks about his background 5:00 Jose talks about the benefits of having a talented producer that can provide transparency to your clients as they manage projects. 7:23 What are the differences between working as a producer within agile development and working as a producer within an agency model? 10:13 The panel discuss producer Best Practices, arguing the benefits of products like Basecamp and Google Docs. 15:20 Jose asks Victoria how she handles the fast pace of an agency environment that involves complicated scheduling and intense dependencies? 17:10 So are you all agile? 19:14 The benefits of documenting a project in case something goes sideways. 20:26 Hiscox is incredible for small business! www.hiscoxusa.com/smallbiz 22:59 Project Managers versus Producers – what’s the difference? 27:01 Who should have creative input? 28:37 Jose and Aure have had both titles, what’s best for the client? 30:07 Creative Technical Producers? 32:01 Game design is not web development! 33:10 The confusion around job title prefixes. 33:59 A user asks for advice around asset management. 37:26 Jose predicts Google Plus will kill Basecamp! 38:11 Jose demonstrates PB Works infrastructure 39:15 Xin talks the challenge of keeping game development in order. 40:45 To Gantt charts

Oklahoma Church LifeChurch.tv Develops Free Church Tracking Software

Edmond, OK (PRWEB) November 11, 2008

As a church with 13 growing campuses, LifeChurch.tv needed a better way to manage data than juggling spreadsheets throughout the country. Since there wasn’t a simple software solution available to meet their needs, the church’s web team developed an application to help LifeChurch.tv track basic church statistics. This week, they released the software as http://www.ChurchMetrics.com, a new website that allows churches worldwide to use the application for free. Within the first day of launching the site, more than 1,200 churches signed up to begin using the web-based app.

Why ChurchMetrics?

Recently named by Outreach Magazine as the fifth largest church in America, LifeChurch.tv hosts more than 50 weekend church services throughout 13 locations. With campuses in six states and on the Internet, it was essential to find a streamlined way to keep tabs on church attendance, giving, salvations, and baptisms.

“Each of those numbers represents a person who matters to God,” said Bobby Gruenewald, LifeChurch.tv Innovation Leader and Pastor. “By tracking basic church statistics, we’re able to see whether we’re on track with our mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.”


When churches enter a handful of numbers each week, http://www.ChurchMetrics.com shows them an easy-to-understand picture of what’s going on at their church. They can get a quick overview of their current information and see how it compares with last week and last year. Leaders and staff can also explore in-depth details with dynamic charts, comparative reports and educated projections.

With special mobile features that allow users to both update and view information from any web enabled mobile phone, ChurchMetrics allows users to get the latest data for their church, no matter where they are.

ChurchMetrics gives churches control over who can access their account, keeping data safe, secure, and confidential.


In 1996, LifeChurch.tv began with a handful of people meeting in a rented dance studio in Oklahoma City, Okla. under the leadership of Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel. It has since grown to reach more than 23,000 people each weekend, and currently has 13 total campuses located in Phoenix, Ariz., Fort Worth, Texas, Oklahoma City, Okla., Nashville, Tenn., West Palm Beach, Fla., Albany, N.Y., and Tulsa, Okla. metropolitan areas. LifeChurch.tv has also leveraged the web in other ministry endeavors including One Prayer, OPEN.LifeChurch.tv, Youversion.com, and MySecret.tv.

For more information about ChurchMetrics, visit http://www.ChurchMetrics.com/. For more information about LifeChurch.tv, visit http://www.LifeChurch.tv.