Cruising from San Juan 3/22/08 & want to go to a Catholic Easter Mass Sat nite — need church names & times?

Question by SoccerMom: Cruising from San Juan 3/22/08 & want to go to a Catholic Easter Mass Sat nite — need church names & times?
Prefer churches in Old San Juan. Need to be on board the ship by 9pm.

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Answer by Bill C
Cathedral de San Juan

Phone :+1 787 722 0861
Address: 153 Calle Cristo, San Juan, PR 00901, Puerto Rico

A favorite stop for tourists.
The Cathedral was built in 1592, on the same site of the previous cathedral that was destroyed by a hurricane around 1584. Located on Calle Cristo


San Ignacio De Loyola
Roman Catholic Church
Calle Narciso 1904,
Urb Santa Maria
Rio Piedras, PR 00927-6706
Telephone 787 751 7680

One more:However this is just outside Old San Juan in Condado

Stella Maris Parish
69 Calle Cervantes
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tel: +1 787 723 2240

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Truth and our times: the baccalaureate sermon preached in Calvary Church on Sunday evening in Commencement Week, June 21, 1863, before the president, … addressed to the the graduating class

Truth and our times: the baccalaureate sermon preached in Calvary Church on Sunday evening in Commencement Week, June 21, 1863, before the president, … addressed to the the graduating class

Originally published in 1863. 18 pages. This volume is produced from digital images from the Cornell University Library Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection

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Price: $ 8.99

Good Times at Temple of Praise -Indianapolis, IN -Pastor Donald Golder

I grabbed my iphone4 and captured a little bit of our anointed service. It was a icy winter Sunday where a lot of churches closed but we didn’t so great guest musicians stopped by to join in. It gave me a chance to rest and praise God! PS The choir/Pastor PA sound was great but I was standing behind the church speakers and right by the musicians. Ezra Bufford No more paying money for groceries!!! 317-908-2338 cell

[ This time again ] Happy Holiday Season Greetings my Friends : Happy FLICKR [ LICIOUS ] times ahead! :)

[ This time again ] Happy Holiday Season Greetings my Friends : Happy FLICKR [ LICIOUS ] times ahead! 🙂
Church advertising
Image by UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // SENSE ]
Christmas and holiday season, a season to remember:

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How many times a week do you attend a church, fellowship, or crack open a bible?

Question by Curtis: How many times a week do you attend a church, fellowship, or crack open a bible?

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Answer by Ainsly @ work

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Get the Latest Catholic Church Mass Times Now on the Internet

Get the Latest Catholic Church Mass Times Now on the Internet

Get to know the Catholic Church Mass Times through the Internet. It is generally obligatory to attend on Sunday, but you can always attend the Weekday and Weekend Masses too.
Descriptions have been found of community gatherings in Saint Paul’s epistles and Acts of the Apostles to mark the Lord’s Supper, which is known as the Eucharist. The earliest forms of Mass were celebrated in tombs of martyrs in Rome. The celebration is more than memorial it depicts sacrifice also. It is Church’s method of fulfilling the command of Christ. The Catholic Church Mass Times are generally obligatory to be attended on Sunday. It is something, which all Catholic Christians do willingly, but definitely do not understand the significance of it.

The chosen day was Sunday because Christians had transferred the Sabbath day to Sunday. Sunday was when Christ was resurrected from the dead. The church has ordained the Christians to join during the Catholic Church Mass Times and refrain from any sort of unwanted work. It is obligatory to go by the Third Commandment, which tells us to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Hence, all catholic Christians has to attend the mass every Sunday.

The Mass is treated as a sacred banquet, to mark it as a cenotaph of the Last Supper, where all faithful followers come and join. It is always not needed to get the Communion to perform the Sunday duty, but it is recommended that one follow the sacramental Confession. In the early years, the mass was seen as a sacrifice or as a mythical reality where Christ’s sacrifice was, transformed. According to the Trent Council, Christ who had offered himself in a bloody way was presented in the Mass in a non-violent or non-bloody way. The Saturday Vigil Mass includes congregational singing and music led by organist and cantor.

Nowadays the mass schedule is available over the Internet for the benefit of all Catholic Christians. This has been a great help and a big boon for all Christians. Whether you want to know the place or the time, or the Church you can get all the required information on the Internet. All travelling Catholics and parishioners will easily find out a Mass-taking place near them. Every mass schedule needs to be unambiguous and accurate so that nobody has any problem. Hence, finding mass has become even easier now.

On the Internet, travelers can look up for churches by place or country or zip code or exchange code. If someone conducts a city search then specific topics will come like shrines, churches, and cathedrals. From there you will be able to know various things like Weekday and Weekend Catholic Church Mass Times. Once you have found a church near you where you can attend the Mass, you can cross-refer on the information given on the Internet. This way you can ensure whether the information you have is correct and up-to-date. So next time whenever you are planning your trips and vacations you can always look up the Internet and find out the Mass times near you.

If you want to get the current Catholic Church Mass Times then refer It is a comprehensive guide where you will find all the required information on the mass times at a place and time near you.

New Book Shines Hope for Those in Dark Times

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