This Tilted World

This Tilted World
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Image by Spencer Finnley
It’s a curvy world we live in.

I was tagged by katydid, so here are 16 random things about me 🙂
1. Even though I’m brown-haired by birth, everyone tells me that I have blonde hair. You think these photos would be proof of that, but alas… What do you think?
2. I’ve never had braces.
3. I love my friends in the best, non-romantic, way possible.
4. I ran out of polaroid film right before I could get it to make a border that wraps around my wall. I’m about one pack short, so it stops about 10/12 of the way across my wall 🙁
5. I’ve only dated two girls, ever, but I’ve been asked out by at least 16 (14 of these were within the first two weeks of eighth grade, and I asked out the girls I actually dated).
6. I’ve sold two prints in my lifetime 🙂 More hopefully at some time. Ask me about it!
7. When I was a kid, I didn’t have any real friends until 6th grade. I read books by myself in the library and sat in the losers line on the handball wall.
8. I never really knew what kind of music I liked until God dropped Novelle into my lap. They had my favorite type of music in them all along, and I get to see it in action up close.
9. I’ve always considered myself good at writing and am considering a career in either journalism or advertising as a photographer.
10. I can sing. And I’m in a band, for church. We get better every week, as my timing and skills with tempo get less horrible 🙂
11. Since most of my friends are musicians, Flickr is one of the only places where I get genuine feedback about what actually makes my photos good or bad. So keep it comin’!
12. Vibrant colors tickle my fancy. Like, my fancy can barely breathe.
13. I would never pursue a career as a comedian. No way.
14. My black labrador is very mellow. He was dumb and hyper about 3 weeks ago, until my golden retriever died. Now Black Dog just kinda mopes around and whines whenever someone leaves the house. But he gets a little happier everyday.
15. Board games can suck it.
16. My first memory is being held in my mother’d arms as a pumpkin on my first Halloween (11 months).