United Church Of God: Preaching The Gospel Throughout The World

Milford, OH (PRWEB) November 18, 2009

The United Church of God has a solid mission that guides its actions and endeavors; the mission of the Church is to announce to the world the often misunderstood and/or misinformation about the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Church’s goal is to proclaim to all nations the good news of the coming of the Kingdom of God and to prepare those that receive the word for that Kingdom.

The United Church of God has placed top priority on obeying God’s Word. It is understood that the mission assigned to the Church by Christ is twofold; first, the Christian church is expected to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God throughout the world, and second, it is to make disciples among those that hear and appreciate the Word of God.

However, the Christian Church realizes that it’s not possible to fulfill this colossal mission through its efforts alone; the Church understands that God must open doors in order for it to accomplish its goals. This includes the concept that the Christian Church can only reach individuals that are drawn to it by God Himself. This means that success in fulfilling the Church’s mission comes from our Creator, first and foremost.

Because the United Church of God takes its responsibility so seriously it has established several methods of sharing the gospel with the people of the world. The major resource is “The Good News” magazine, which is published six times a year through the efforts of the Christian Church and mailed to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. This magazine is published in English, Spanish, German and Italian, and it is sent to almost every nation on earth, completely free of charge.

The United Church of God also publishes many booklets that supplement these efforts, with each focusing in on unique topics and concepts. Some of these are offered in numerous languages. Additionally, the United Church of God publishes a full-color, 12-lesson ‘Bible Study Course’, designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. And just like the other publications, this is also free.

The Christian Church has not ignored the fact that we live in a time of technology and that many people prefer gaining knowledge via the Internet. Therefore, the Church offers its publications for easy download, as well as a separate daily study aid, the Internet-based ‘Bible Reading Program’. This course is designed to take students through the entire Bible over the course of two to three years. In most cases, a chapter is covered each day in an easy to follow format.

The United Church of God also offers several E-magazines and on occasion, other publications that are only available on the Internet. There is one that is geared specifically for teens and college-age readers. This E-magazine provides articles that help young people deal with the pressures of the world.

The United Church of God is dedicated to spreading the Word of God to the people of the world and to make disciples of the people that hear and receive the gospel of the Kingdom of God. In an effort to reach the masses, the Christian Church uses numerous ways of preaching the gospel of the kingdom to nations of the world.