Of what international theological organization is the St. Thomas church in Leipzig a part?

Question by A Poor Maggot Sack: Of what international theological organization is the St. Thomas church in Leipzig a part?
Or at least what Lutheran church in Germany is it a part of?

The three largest in the world are: Lutheran World Federation (ELCA), International Lutheran Council (LCMS), and the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (WELS, ELS).

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Answer by James O
German Evangelical Lutheran Church ( Evangelishe Kirche)which is part of the WLF

Check out German Evangelical Church in Wikipedia

There are many Lutheran Churches that are not part of “state church”: the “Official Church” is in communion with the EL Ca and there are other groups that are in communion,I believe, with LCMS or WELS or with others or none

The Official Protestant Church in Germany takes in also the Church of the Prussian Union that tried to bring Calvinist/Reformed Churches and Lutheran Churches together in on organization

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Virginia Theological Seminary Opens Call for Nominations for Dean and President

Alexandria, VA (PRWEB) October 21, 2006

The Board of Trustees of Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) and its nominating committee have announced an international search for its 15th dean and president to take office in mid-2007. The search begins as The Very Rev. Martha J. Horne approaches her retirement after 12 years of distinguished service and leadership. Nominations are being sought for this important post. The Committee will review expressions of interest through February and conduct initial interviews in March.

The 12-year tenure of Dean and President Martha Horne has been an era of development, growth and change. The recruitment and nurture of a talented and accomplished faculty and staff, continued financial soundness, robust enrollments, distinctive programs, a beautiful campus with well-maintained facilities, and a dedicated Board of Trustees are measures of the achievements of Dean Horne and of the strength and readiness of VTS for the future. This moment is truly one of opportunity for the new Dean and President.

The Committee is being assisted by Academic Search, Inc. of Washington, D.C. If you know of individuals within the Anglican Communion who could provide outstanding leadership to Virginia Seminary, or if you wish to discuss the position further, please contact Dr. Herman Collier at 910-695-9953. Information provided will be held in strict confidence.

An Institutional Profile and statement of Presidential Qualifications, located on the VTS web site at www.vts.edu, will provide more information about VTS and the position.

The review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until an appointment is made. Candidates should submit a letter of interest and a resume along with names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of five (5) professional references.

Virginia Theological Seminary is the largest of the 11 accredited seminaries of the Episcopal Church and was founded in 1823. The school prepares men and women, representing all eight of the domestic provinces of the Episcopal Church, as well as students from several different provinces and countries within the Anglican Communion, for service in the Church, both as ordained and lay ministers, and offers a number of professional degree programs and diplomas.


What was the theological question that caused the great schism in the roman catholic church?

Question by gibbzy06: What was the theological question that caused the great schism in the roman catholic church?
I am doing a paper on the great schism of the roman catholic church and i need to find out what caused it. I have done research online and can not find any answers.

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Answer by dapixelator
Search for “schism in catholic church”

go here for one take on it…

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