Love Divine All Loves Excelling Tune Blaenwern: St Theodores Church Port Talbot South Wales

For my first video here on the Organ at St Theodores Church in Port Talbot, I was flicking through my RSCM Sunday by Sunday Book for this Sunday Love Divine here was on the list so I thought id do this on the organ today, the organ is very nice with the sound right above you to give a nice effect it’s also tracker action as well! Info on the organ is here: I used the ZoomH2 here for the audio at 80%. Many thanks for watching my videos here on youtube, remember they take most of my time to do so please appreciate my valued efforts by leaving a comment of encouragement bellow and liking my videos if you have stumbled on my videos and your a newcomer hit the subscribe button to show your support too. Also many thanks to Church Warden Pat Davies in making me feel welcome here at St Theodores Church much appreciated too! Many thanks Rob
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