TESTIMONY: Rock, The music of hell

TESTIMONY: Rock, The music of hell

I remember when we made some at the house of one of our “friends”, there we heard “rock” and talked about our future, what would be the following years. Was night and we bought a bottle of wine to “celebrate” that “HAPPY HOUR”. We started to drink and talk on various subjects.

Some have not smoked, or had even experienced some type of drug, but a bad influence for me to experience the times and another one cigarette.

Everything was very normal for us because we were blind and far from a reality conscious. The music of Marilyn Manson was in our lips daily; conseguíamos not free us from dirty, empty life, for more than lutássemos our effort was in vain. Burn several CDs of rock, however, this attitude was useless, because the battle was spiritual and did not know. Right place, my cousin told me he was feeling a great emptiness in his soul, and then we were sinking more and more on alcohol and the rock, seeking a peace that seemed to be running away from us. Those were the worst days of our lives.

To buy a magazine about rock in the section of ads read the following sentence: “IT SEEK TO SATANISTS” It was an ad for a couple looking for musicians to build their band ROCK – “TRASH METAL.” When I read that ad were surprised to hear that someone was able to worship the devil himself. How much spiritual blindness we had in those days! Sometimes was shocked by the translation of music from rock to listen. After those days I started to feel desire for suicide every night, thought that taking my own life I was alone, but it was only a major assault of the devil to destroy my life.


 I spent drawing pictures of demons in my room, painted scenes of lesbianism, diabolism. I wrote letters to music with content morbid, sad and depressing. Heard voices calling me that I was alone at home or on the streets. Always came to my ears the music of rock we LISTENING Each day that passed I felt more empty inside, and thought only in SUICIDE.

I Burning repeatedly MY CDs OF ROCK , but nothing below; I bought OTHER AGAIN For me these were discs of rock as if it was my food, I felt a junkie, trapped by the rock. In 1997, the singer “Marilyn Manson” has launched a diabolical disc entitled: ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR

** I bought this record , and Listen to the twenty-four hours a day.

THIS DISC CONTAINS LETTERS Satan that despises THE PERSON OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, bringing SPIRITUAL SLAVERY, AND DESTRUCTION TO OUR LIVES Damn. But I was blind, with no affection for those who die on the cross to save us. **

There wasn’t LOVE IN ME, SO MUCH HATE AND WILL DIE FOR. In television, the channel’s “MTV-MUSIC TELEVISION” the day rock and Satanism are propagated freely to children and adolescents worldwide.

Thus the devil wins the minds and hearts of those who are the future of the world. The “MTV” is a station that transmits a philosophy totally against the will of God, destroying morale and spiritually and young children.

Already fully engaged with the rock, looking to form a band to sing with the “friends”, but nothing worked. After much time trying to be equal to the singers of rock, then began to plan the suicide. I took a riot, drunk me daily, feel contempt for my own life. I was a slave of vices and the rock, trying to be happy, chained by Satanic music.

 I remember two “friends” who also loved the rock, ‘RICARDO E REGINALDO’. They had long hair and dresses in black when left to the “ballads”.

They worship the “Gothic”; hear their favorites bands as: “THE CURE” , “THE CULT”, “THE SMITHS”, “OPERA MULT STEEL etc. .. . They played in their homes, had a band of “ROCK INDUSTRIAL and it took a life. His music favorites letters were dark, sad, depressive, without hope for the future.

Sometimes I meet with them to rehearse some songs, and spent several hours talking about rock in roll. Whenever I went to sleep put a CD of rock and I heard during the night, but had horrible nightmares frequently.

My favorite music at bedtime was “Bloody KISSES” = VAMPIRISM , the band, “Type O` Negative `” A band of BLACK METAL with Gothic influences, too. In disturbing dreams by night by myself in another world. Sometimes I dreamed that I was having sex with my own mother, with my sister, with animals … Sometimes I was in caverns dark and desert land, was sometimes at sea, drowned.

Always wanted to “Feras” running after me to kill me, they were terrible visions while I sleep. for many years I lived tormented by these dreams and DEVILS nightmares. Made sure I went to sleep, because at dawn.

I felt that something had entered my mouth, I did not know what it was, but I started to turn in bed trying to spit what was entered into my mouth. It was this horrible experience. I tried to escape that situation, but could not. Suddenly my mouth began to speak words into a kind of “dialect” strange that I could not even understand what I speak. I came in desperation, began to scream, but nobody heard me.

I felt my soul out of my body and follow down a deep dark abyss, seemed not to have more purpose. Look at the rocky walls and dark abyss that and no longer doubted that I was entering into hell. While looking down the abyss desperate to go back to my room, in the distance I heard cries of desperation and pain.

I am trying to try to get back to my room, my bed, but could not. That was real, and a simple dream, was a revelation for me, because for me there was the fear of God, for this reason that I was going through: “VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH.

” This was happening because I have delivered my life to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because I lived my life in drugs and prostitution, without me import the Lord Jesus who died on the cross to save me. I was in a spiritual world, suffered by the rebels and DESPREZ TO MY LORD JESUS As I agonize, a man with resplendent Nice dress WHITE appear for ME …

THE Chasm inside that deep and dark, not because there was no ray of light, all was darkness and suffering By my side when I saw that man appeared, holding my hand he said: “Do not be afraid YOUNG! I am with YOU, do not panic.

” At that moment I felt a peace that never felt before anywhere. That man was the Lord Jesus!

He took me to a dark place, and walked until I realized that there were several holes and craters in the ground that abyss where walmink . They LEAVE AS OF FIRE AND SMOKE hole in the ground, there was a smell in that place Terrible-frog .

I saw several dark figures coming out of those holes and gaps are hiding in the rocky crater. They were demons, ALI was HELL , and they were running away from that man in white robes was holding in my hands.

When we come to another part of that man showed me where clothes were white men and women, all in chains and asking for help. At that hour I felt a great fear of that place and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The screams were terrible, and wines of everywhere. That scene was lit only with red flames of fire that left holes in the ground. I saw that some men wear clothes torn, shabby, like beggars and drunken at that place. I saw that many women were naked, some with their breasts were exposed, others were with clothes torn and dirty.

It was that horrible scene, and the smell was unbearable. Some men looked at me and asked me some women and help crying aloud in great agony. Today that man in white robes who was next to me said: “Look young, do not extend your hand to help them, because they are prisoners in chains and are prisoners here in this abyss, you can not release them, they can never leave.”

And he followed said: “… All these men and women lived their lives in the land to its “king pleasure” and do not care about the salvation of their souls, for this reason they are prisoners in chains you see. I despised them for their lives passengers, not the salvation achieved before, I rejected all disbelief and denying my name …”.

As I heard those words, I look at those people and felt a deep agony to see how terrible is the plight of those who go to hell despised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw that in that place had a gallery for each group. On one side were the men who have not fulfilled the name of the LORD JESUS, there were “PASTORs, MISSIONARIES, Evangelist, presbyter, Father, Bishop and Deacon.”

Also there was a placeholder for the “Killer, rape, ACTORS AND ARTISTS pornography, ARTISTAS DE NOVELA, Kidnapping, Terrorism, Switzerland, burglars and drug dealers.” Another wing was reserved for “BRUSSE, Satan, Wizard, Wizard, Alchemy, charm, Esoteric, Astrology, necrophilia, Guess, MAGICIANS, MEDIUMS, Espírit …”.

and others who maintained relations with the hidden forces. In the gallery of the women were “lesbians, prostitutes, call-girl, the” top models “, Women Killer, ABORTISTS and adults.” All of them shouting in pain and despair.

Tormented THE DEMONS OF ALL THE WAYS; COM beaten, WITH SEXUAL ABUSE, with the big words and insults of all kinds, their punishment was generally in that place … There was a huge bronze gate, which was closed.

Percebíamos where we spent the revolt of the demons, who move from one hole to another in fractions of seconds. They They were flyin everywhere, always missing the presence of what was moving me, whose appearance was like lightning. Near us that huge gate that was locked, and suddenly we were in front of a throne in a dark color.

That there was no throne, or to your side. All was quiet at that hour, but did not see anyone else. That throne was the throne of Satan, there was his post, which relied to observe the suffering of souls in chains with large chains of iron.

I noticed that there was no wind or clouds in some place, only darkness, fire, smoke, a dry climate and the heat unbearable. Facing that