Which denomination of Christian Churches teach old earth creation?

Question by MN: Which denomination of Christian Churches teach old earth creation?
I have reluctantly agreed to give church another try, but I refuse to have my children taught the kind of nonsense that I have become familiar with in the churches I have attended in the past. I don’t agree that evolution is a lie, I don’t think global warming is a lie, I don’t think that the Earth is 6000 years old. I don’t think Noah brought Dinosaurs and every other species in the entire fossil record aboard an ark and I don’t believe Adam and Eve were the first humans to ever have lived. So what churches are there that either teach or accept these notions? I think old earth creation is a real stretch but at least we aren’t throwing all of science out the window.
lol Jared you aren’t going to tell me anything my Baptist preacher father and delusional pseudo scientists like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind haven’t told me before. If you call evolution a lie then you refuse to read and acknowledge the data just like that of modern astronomy. There are countless factors of each that point to the same conclusions and if you disagree you are uninformed. You might as well argue for a flat earth and a earth centered solar system while you are at it if we are going strictly by the bible.

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Answer by †Archangel TJ†
Catholic ones.

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Teach your Children About Christian Church

Teach your Children About Christian Church

It is been experienced that Christian church are losing 70% of their children who keep themselves away from Lord and get lost when out of home. This is a great tragedy and the main reason for this is lack of teaching about Lord at home by parents. To be short of Bible knowledge would certainly cause your children to go off into non-belief, skepticism, denominationalism, and other disloyalty, which would further cause them to be everlastingly lost.

If you take about 40 minute of Bible teaching class during week at Christian church or Catholic Churches two if they be present at Wednesday evening Bible study will give your children sufficient spiritual food to struggle off the world’s pressure they get at school, TV, you’re your children need to spend 30 hours per week in community school getting ready for life in this globe, but less than just 2 hours each week in wearisome to prepare for perpetuity. You need to make a choice between, which is the most important. People become displease if the children make poor grades on the report cards, but do not mind if they be unsuccessful in studying their Bible class teaching. People have turned inactive about permitting their children to develop without a spirit saving facts of the Bible. We require knowing that the supreme thing we could do for our kids is to inspire in them a permanent faith in Lord and the Bible so they could be ceaselessly saved. There is nobody superior we could offer our children.

We need to help our kids with their educate subjects at ease, but teaching the Bible along with them is of much larger significance than their school study. To protect our children we need to be much more serious to help them getting ready for infinity. We should keep aside some time every day for Bible learning with them. No matter whether you belong to Roman Catholic Church or Pentecostal Church, this teaching has to start in the early stage and carry on as long as we have authority on them. You should teach your children to have good religious values and this could probably only be done by educating them God’s word. So do take parenting very seriously and bring your children up in the care for and caution of the Lord so you and they could be together in heaven.

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To Make Your Kids More Successful, Teach Them Music!

To Make Your Kids More Successful, Teach Them Music!

Benefits of Music Education Shown to Include Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Besides being a sure way to become the life of the party, learning to play an instrument can make your children smarter, better adjusted, and better equipped to adopt a position of leadership in a diverse world. Some of the benefits of music education include the development of leadership and teamwork skills.

The idea that music education makes children smarter isn’t just our opinion. Music has a mathematical precision; the rhythms, pitches, and motifs in musical composition can all be expressed with numbers and equations. Maybe that is why the 1993 Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) showed above-average scores in both mathematical and verbal portions of the test by high school students who studied music. At the time, President Bill Clinton and Education Secretary Richard Riley were calling for enriched arts education for all children.

Being smart is important, but it’s also critical that children be well adjusted. Children with music education—especially those in a school setting with other musicians—develop the key people-skills that are essential to functioning in society, including teamwork, problem solving, and leadership. They gain from the hard work of music mastery, learning self-discipline and self-worth through accomplishments. Studies demonstrate that the students most likely to be elected to class office, achieve the highest grades, or receive honors for academic achievement are the students who—you guessed it—study music.

There is also an impossible to quantify, yet essential quality that music adds to each of our lives. If, as argued by the Oxford Review of Education as far back as 1996, the richness of music is itself enough justification for the teaching of it , then are music’s other benefits unimportant? We do not believe so. Music education should and does have measurable benefits.

What we know is that music education helps children improve academic skills, develop leadership skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment. We also know that support for music education in public schools is always under financial pressure. You may have to resort to private or virtual lessons to help your children learn music. Be involved, pay attention, and behave as if your children’s music education is as important as math and writing education. Why? Because it is.

But if that doesn’t convince your son or daughter to study music, perhaps the fact that musicians are the life of the party will! Guitar players and singers and pianists are always in demand, no matter what the venue; whether in church musical groups or jazz combos or contemporary rock groups, with bass players and drummers close behind. With the current decline in support for music and arts education, it is more important than ever for parents to encourage their children to study music.

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Why do churches like the Church of Christ teach baptism is necessary to be saved?

Question by : Why do churches like the Church of Christ teach baptism is necessary to be saved?
I have been raised to believe we are saved by faith and not works, We accept Jesus as savior, ask him to forgive us and try our best to live for him. I had a friend at work telling me the church she used to attend ( Church of Christ) taught you needed to be baptized. Reading scripture like John 3:16 I don’t see that. Is there something I am missing?

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