Mormon Temple Los Angeles – Target of Gay anger & Mob – LGBT Protest – Join the Impact LA

While making this video I was very taken back by the protesters and there veracity and anger. This is certainly a difficult issue for so many but it’s important to remember that the LDS church has many very good members who are gay. Though they chose not to live the lifestyle, they still live with the attraction. So what’s the problem when we all have something to deal with. We felt it was important to define the term marriage but unfortunately it morphed into something else. Like the label war calling us Haters, bigots, anti-gay, etc. It’s actually the opposite and we need to help get that message out. Kevin Hamilton wrote, We did nothing wrong. In fact, we did everything that a civic minded American can and should do. I have put together a few facts that help me to appreciate our position better. For example: 1. Mormons make up less than 2% of the population of California . There are approximately 800000 LDS out of a total population of approximately 34 million. 2. Mormon voters were less than 5% of the yes vote. If one estimates that 250000 LDS are registered voters (the rest being children), then LDS voters made up 4.6% of the Yes vote and 2.4% of the total Proposition 8 vote. 3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) donated no money to the Yes on 8 campaign. Individual members of the Church were encouraged to support the Yes on 8 efforts and, exercising their constitutional right to free speech, donated whatever they felt like donating. 4. The No
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