Camille Saint-Saens: “Maestoso” from Symphony No. 3 in c minor, Op. 78 (Organ) (Michael Murray)

Optimal Sound when viewed in High Quality ( &fmt=18 )… Michael Murray plays the Haskell-Shultz Organ at the Church of St. Francis de Sales in Philadelphia, along with the Philadelphia Orchestra, under the direction of Eugene Ormandy (in one of Ormandy’s final performances). Thank You for listening!

Divine Symphony – Reform (Extreme Records 2008)

After many years of silence, these warriors have returned revealing to the world their newest opus, the History. Reform is its fifth track. A concept album about the history of the Church shown in a real and true way, contrary to many others which come from those aiming to manipulate the truth in order to persist in error. This time the band comes with a more intense and brutal impact which will raise the standard for the band in terms of respect and honor. This one should grab the attention of any of Dimmu Borgir fan, whether old-school or newer, as well as fans of Vaakevandring and Mour in Silence. In contrast to their first album Reject Darkness, The History presents a band that is totally immersed in the dimension of brutal and symphonic black metal. Reform Lyrics below Again man had let himself be taken over by his desires and will, faith was forgotten by many, giving space to evil The age of reform Those that were to teach and guide the people in the way to salvation were drowning in their riches; forgetting the great promise salvation, the supreme gift from God had become a corrupted message in the hands of wolves, an instrument to make them richer. A time of anguish, tears and ignorance, but also a time in which brave men opposed all the heresies of the Roman church lies and false doctrines indulgences that were nothing more than a way for the Roman church to exploit the people, taking advantage of their belief, squandering in luxury, resources acquired from the