Survivors of Irish church child abuse speak out

Irishman Michael O’Brien spent 8 years in an Irish religious industrial school in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. He was put there after his mother died in 1942. The Irish state took Michael and his seven siblings away from their father and put them all into state institutions after declaring them destitute. They were all given criminal records because they were labelled as destitutes. Within days of arriving at Ferryhouse, Michael was raped by a brother belonging to the Rosminian orders. He endured eight years of ongoing rape, beatings, starvations and abuse at the Industrial school. He was forced to work as a child slave by the Rosminian fathers. In this video he tells Irish journalist Karen Coleman his story.
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Set Free: Healing for Abuse Survivors and Those Who Love Them

(PRWEB) May 31, 2005

“One out of every four women in the United States will personally connect with the devastation of abuse reported in ‘Set Free;’ far fewer know the miracle of God’s healing. Jan Coates has written an excellent book in which she weaves together the stories, not of survivors, but of ‘victors’ of sexual and physical violence. ‘Set Free’ has something for everyone; wisdom for church leaders, enlightenment for believers and soul medicine for victims who have yet to experience total restoration in Jesus Christ,” said Chuck Smith, Jr., Senior Pastor of Capo Beach Calvary Church.

God heals broken lives. This is a message that author Jan Coates knows well. Her story includes a past filled with abuse and the tragic death of her child by a drunk driver. Yet through all of her pain, she has experienced the healing power of God. Set Free is written for the person who knows abuse firsthand or for those who are trying to help an abused person move on with the life God gives them. While not a trained counselor, Coates uses her own experiences to help others find the healing and hope she has found. She freely talks about her own struggles with abuse, and introduces readers to six real women who have suffered and survived abuse. Much more than a book of heartwarming stories, “Set Free” goes even farther and shows the important “next steps” to healing.

More than offering just hope, “Set Free” shows readers that God offers them real help. Set Free inspires readers to look at their own lives (and abuse) in the light of God’s love and identity—and know that only through the power of God will they ever be truly free.

Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, lends his experience and training with a question and answer section for anyone who may have questions. In addition, a resource list is included where readers can go for help.

“If you are looking for a book that clearly shows how the abused can be restored to new life in Christ, this is it. Jan has shown how Jesus binds up the brokenhearted and sets the captives free,” said

Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries and author of “The Bondage Breaker”.

“Too often we carry the guilt of others and they weigh us down and drag us into a life God never intended for us to live. Set Free provides hope and healing for those who want to be free from the abuse of evil in all forms,” said Steve Arterburn, Founder and Chairman of New Life Ministries and author of “Every Man’s Battle”.

The book includes discussion questions, which can be used for individual or small group study.

About the Author:

Jan Coates has worked in sales, marketing, and creative writing for more than 25 years. She is a speaker who has appeared on television and radio programs, and she has also owned her own sales and marketing consulting company. As a teen full of shame and guilt from child abuse, she turned her back on her Christian faith. Then, in 1982, a drunk driver killed her only child. Coates rededicated her life to Jesus on Easter Sunday 1983. Today, she and her husband are the parents of two teenagers who were adopted as babies. She and her family live in College Station, Texas.

Set Free: God’s Healing Power for Abuse Survivors and Those Who Love Them by Jan Coates

ISBN 0-7642-0040-2; Trade Paperback; .99; 184 pp.

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