Tales From The Church – True Crazy Christian Stories

When I was a kid, I saw all kinds of crazy bullshit at Church. In this video, I share my kooky experiences and at the same time give Christians the greatest news in the world! My grandmother disowning me last week really fucked with my head and made me not want to do videos anymore. She was the last person on earth I ever thought would turn her back on me. It really broke my heart and caused me to behave in a way I never have before. It made me want to stop making videos because these videos really have cost me the majority of my family. People really have no idea what I sacrifice just to do this. But that whiny quitter guy is not me and my moment of weakness only lasted about 3 days. I’m actually kinda embarrassed about the whole thing, but in a way I’m glad it happened. Because it showed me who my true friends and family are. I got so much support and love from my Youtube family, that I am ashamed I ever considered leaving to begin with. Well fear not. I’m not going anywhere. As long as you guys are here, I will be here. Thank you all very much for being there for me when I needed you. Thisvideo is Sponsored by the Adult Autopilot. The Adult Autopilot teaches you how to make money like I do, with Adult websites, and it also supports this channel at the same time! Click here to watch a video about it. www.youtube.com If you want to support my work please pick up a T-shirt on my website located @ www.cultofdusty.com
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Homeless Youth in Indy – their stories of resilience

Every night, hundreds of Indianapolis children call emergency shelters home. In addition, thousands more live with extended family or friends, or stay in hotels or motels because they do not have a home of their own. These are real children whose futures are at risk. However, they are being helped by people who care, starting with their parents, service providers, and community organizations, churches and volunteers. Watch and listen as they share their stories of resilience and determination in the face of homelessness.

Finding Home: Stories of Roman Catholics Entering the Episcopal Church

Finding Home: Stories of Roman Catholics Entering the Episcopal Church

Christopher L. Webber tells the stories of men and women who left the church of their childhood for various reasons: questions of conscience, authority, remarriage after divorce, sexuality, the need to ask questions. We hear from a lawyer, a pilot, a nurse, an executive, a homemaker, two priests and a bishop what it meant for them to make this journey. Their stories raise larger issues of conversion, discernment, inclusion, church membership and belonging.

List Price: $ 15.95

Price: $ 13.85

Christmas Carols Expert Releases 22 Amazing Videos About Little-Known Stories Behind Holiday Classics

Cape May, NJ (PRWEB) December 17, 2009

In the culmination of a 4,000 mile journey taking over a year, Ron Clancy is introducing twenty-two videos that trace the history of some of the most popular American Christmas carols on his website http://www.christmasclassics.com/christmas-classics-videos.shtml.

The videos, available on his website, provide compelling, little-known personal stories behind the music and act as a partner for Clancy’s American Christmas Classics boxed set-collection spanning 200 years of American Christmas music. The stories, mostly about traditional gems found in the collection, are also about a few carols from his first title Best-Loved Christmas Carols and his fourth book/CD collection Sacred Christmas Music. The music collection, one of the largest and mostly highly copyright protected ever assembled for public sale, represents both secular and religious favorites written in America.

Ron Clancy’s life long dream to create the classics collections combining historical perspective, fascinating stories, period art, song lyrics, and music CDs is a reality and is further augmented by the production of the videos. John Grossmann’s feature article, titled “The Carol King,” details the saga

of Clancy’s ambitious venture and is now available for print on http://www.featurewell.com/?CID=7

The author’s travels started in Savannah, GA, and the “Jingle Bells” Church where the song’s composer, who fought for the Confederacy while his brother fought on the Union side in the Civil War, was music director. Clancy then visited St. Helena, SC, once a port of call for the slave trade, where the spiritual “Mary Had a Baby” may have originated.

The journey continued through North Carolina, Michigan, Boston, New York, and ended in Philadelphia where, amongst other stops, he went to Independence Hall and the Holy Trinity Church on Rittenhouse Square, to shed light on one of our most endearing carols, “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Its author, Rev. Phillips Brooks, one of country’s most prominent preachers at the time, was grief-stricken over the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and the horrors of the Civil War so, for solace, he went to the Holy Land. As he witnessed a Christmas Eve service there, the Rev. Brooks was inspired to compose his carol poem.

American Christmas Classics special boxed set and 3 CDs is not available in stores but can be ordered from the website for .95 – half off the suggested retail price. There is no better way to celebrate the Christmas holiday than with hours of the most popular Christmas music in the country and a better understanding of how that music was written.

William E. Studwell, a foremost authority on Christmas carols, once wrote: “Clancy’s exceptional publications are probably better than anything I may have produced. I can take vicarious joy in having even a slight connection with these masterpieces of holiday literature. They are the ultimate Christmas collection.”

According to Joel Welin, Herald Tribune, Sarasota, Fl, “Each Season, some company attempts to span the decades of holiday music with a compilation of favorites… and most often falls short… But for timeless carols and songs (no contemporary tuneage here, dude) and immaculate presentation, nothing this season holds a candle to Ronald M. Clancy’s “Best-Loved Christmas Carols” and “American Christmas Classics.”

For more information, visit www.christmasclassics.com or call 1-866-552-7742 toll free to order.


InspirationList.com Releases New CD – “Christmas Stories”

(PRWEB) December 8, 2002

Contact Information:

Inspiration List

Tim Levin, Founder



Sue Nail, Public Relations





For Immediate Release


InspirationList.com Releases

New CD -“Christmas Stories”

Dallas Texas, December 4, 2002-—Today, InspirationList.com, a provider of free, daily inspirational stories to over 28,000 email subscribers, announced the release of a new CD – “Christmas Stories”.

The CD features over an hour of music that coincides with amusing and touching inspirational Christmas stories. Narrated by Jim Rives, a well-known national radio host, this CD provides a deep sense of the “reason for the season.” The stories were selected from hundreds of stories and messages that were received by Inspirationlist.com

Inspiration List and Web site founder, Tim Levin, started the list after being inspired by his mentor, Zig Ziglar “I do the Inspiration List every day because I want to make a difference in people’s lives,” commented Tim Levin. The CD comprises countless hours of work by Don Johnson, Dr. Jim Rives, Russell Lake, myself, and many others,” continued Levin. “We are passionate about touching people’s hearts and inspiring them daily.”

The proceeds from the CDs benefit Dr. Jim’s singles ministry (http://www.askpastorjim.org/), and Youths for Christ (YFC), a Billy Graham Ministry, located at www.yfc.com. Endowment funds have been established for scholarships to send teenagers to YFC summer camp. The Christmas CD also comes with a bonus “Answer” CD from GotLife (http://www.gotlife.org/intro.html), an organization that provides a way for churches to equip their people for evangelism.

The CD, which makes a perfect Christmas gift, can be used in Bible classes, churches, for family sharing or even for easy listening in the car. To purchase an Inspiration List Christmas CD for .99, go to www.inspirationlist.com/orderform.html. (If the link doesn’t work from your email, please copy and paste the URL into your web browser.) All shipments within the United States will be sent via US Mail. Allow 4-5 days for delivery within the United States and a week to 10 days for orders outside of the United States.

About Tim Levin

Tim Levin is the father of two children, a computer consultant, and a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight, a non-profit organization for people that do not have or cannot afford airline services to major metro areas for medical services. He volunteers his time with several non-profit agencies including serving on three boards as a director. Levin receives more than 500 emails from around the world every day, thanking him for his inspiring messages.

About Jim Rives (www.askpastorjim.org)

Dr. Jim Rives, narrator of the CD, is a pastor to single adults via the Internet. His ministry primarily relates to singles over the age of 35. He writes weekly relationship articles that are published on major Christian dating sites with over 130,000 in membership. Jim’s passion is to share insights and resources that help single adults find peace and joy in the real world.

About Don Johnson

Don Johnson hosts the weekly radio show, “Afterglow”, on the Salem Network. By using his vast knowledge of music titles, Johnson selected the songs for the CD and combined the stories to help make this CD an audio production that people will cherish for years.

About Russell Lake

Russell Lake designed the artwork for the CD and the CD case. He is married and father to three girls. Lake is a founding member of Fellowship Church, located in Grapevine, TX. His company, Lake Sound (www.lakesound.com), began as a recording studio and has expanded to include Creative Media Group (www.creativemediagroup.com), which is a full service creative and design firm. A second division, Heart Spring Media (www.heartspringmedia.com), is a publishing company with a focus on evangelism. The company just recently established GotLife Ministries.