What good furniture stores are in northern Virginia?

Question by Nick: What good furniture stores are in northern Virginia?
I am moving soon, just about all of my current furniture is going to end up at Goodwill (pretty much all I will keep is this computer desk & printer stand). Some of the furniture is over 20 yrs old – I am 27 so I’ve had a lot of it all my life & I am sick of the stuff I have even though it is not falling apart.
Anyways, I have not lived in northern Virginia long enough to really know where good furniture stores can be found or what the names even are.
I’ll be living in Fairfax soon after I get out of Falls Church. I am going to be getting a new bedroom, living room & dining room set. Price is not too much of an issue but I want to keep it within reason.

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Answer by TONY R
there are none

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