Inside the Old Stone Church

Inside the Old Stone Church
Old Church
Image by Cam Miller 2014
The Old Stone Church in the heart of Monroeville was built in 1896 to accommodate a congregation that had outgrown the original Presbyterian Church built in 1834. With basically a square shape, the building gives an illusion of an octagonal shape with three-sided pyramidal roof bays at the north and south sides. The original pews were restored in 1989. Note the lath ceilings.

The congregation moved to a new church in 1958, leaving the building to the Monroeville Church of Christ. Ten years later when they moved on, the church was purchase by members of the T.M. Sylves family for donation to the Monroeville Historical Society. The bell tower was added in 1976.

The church is available for weddings and other appropriate activities. I could have done without the guy in the flannel shirt, but when I took this photo, the church had just been opened for a wedding rehearsal and he was the organist. I had about two minutes to grab a couple shots.

Lalibela Ethiopia: Monolithic churches carved from a single block of stone

▌► ▌ Lalibela located in Northern Ethiopia is the site of 11 churches that have been cut entirely out of a single block of stone from top down into the ground. Lalibela was not built or constructed, but literally cut from stone. This amazing building technique is considered by many to be a mystery. This segment is from the “Ancient Aliens” season 3 episode 3 originally aired on the History channel and there was more than what I provide here. This is the only monolithic site known to be related directly to Christianity. In addition to the pure mystery surrounding these stone structures, there are also myths suggesting that Lalibela was also once used as a shield to protect the Ark of the Covenant.

I keep having a repetative dream about the inside of old stone churches?

Question by Isaac Dust: I keep having a repetative dream about the inside of old stone churches?
it is neither a good nor bad dream, but I’m always inside these old churches walking around. Last night there was a dog on one of the pews that I thought was friendly, but as I went to pat it he started snarling and barking. A priest appeared and said “That’s what you get for blind faith”.
Any interpretations of what these old churches symbolize? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Justin
It seems to me like you’re conflicted. The “blind faith” refers to the fact that you are going on faith alone, without any sense or reasoning within yourself. The dog could be representative about the fact that a creature who would normally be friendly and loving becomes uncertain and defensive because your baseless faith makes you less of a true person to yourself.

This is all my opinion, but perhaps you should take some time to really contemplate and look within to find the motivation for your faith. It will make your devotion much truer for it to come from within, and a stronger faith will bring you closer to truth, and you’ll find something wonderful through that truth, regardless of whether that wonder is the wonder of God or of the Universe itself.

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