Catholic Church Tortures 30000 Kids in Ireland Residential Schools: STOLEN LIVES DOCUMENTARY 1/3

[DOCUMENTARY] STOLEN LIVES: WE WERE ONLY CHILDREN. Stolen Lives is a three part series based on the experiences of thousands of young children who suffered various forms of abuse in Ireland’s industrial schools. The first episode, Our Boy’s Stories, focuses on the boys from four of Ireland’s industrial schools. In the second, We Were Only Children, four women describe their horrific ordeal and in the third, Philomena’s Story, Philomena Byrne recounts with incredible lucidity the horrific legacy of the industrial school scheme. The Catholic Church managed to get away with the mass torture of over 30000 children in these religious boarding schools adminstrated by the Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy amongst 18 other religious order of the corrupt Catholic Church. This organized crime scheme called “Residential Schools” is something that the Catholic Church managed to implement in many countries including Ireland, Canada, Australia, UK, USA, and more. They worked hand in hand with the state in order to fill as many stolen children into these religious institutions, falsely call the kids “orphans” or “wards of the state” and then collect substantial profits from the government per child per day. The more children, the more money. They starved the children to save even more money and fill their pockets with dishonest gains. This organized crime scheme meant that each priest, nun and school official silenced the daily crimes committed against the children, the labor

Spain’s Stolen Babies – and the Catholic Church

To anyone who thinks that a political process dominated by a specific religion, its doctrines and its concepts of ‘sin’, and ‘family values’, one that has moved from being a secular democracy to becoming effective a theocracy, I recommend a study of Franco’s Spain, or the Republic of Ireland, or of anyone of a number of Muslim states. And we don’t have to delve into the distant past to see such ‘values’ in operation — the recent history of the Catholic Church in Ireland, in Britain and in America and the abuse scandals, from the Magdalene laundries to child abuse and the protection of child abusers by the hierarchy, tells an appalling story. One might think that the appalling brutalities and persecutions of minorities and the opposition in Franco’s regime in Spain, fully and unequivocally supported by the Catholic Church, are a distant memory. Not so. A documentary on BBC2 last night — Spain Stolen Children — demonstrates with chilling force the application of the ‘family values’ of the Catholic Church, with the connivance of the law, the police and the state, that resulted in the theft and sale of children by nuns, priests and doctors, a scandal that has been suppressed since the death of Franco in 1975 by the supposedly democratic regimes that replaced him, but is now growing to a scandal of monumental proportions — a crime against humanity.

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Church trailer stolen before service
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