La Crosse Diocese Stewardship Video

The Opportunity To help unveil the Diocese of La Crosse Stewardship campaign, a video presentation was needed. The video would play to parish members of the 130 churches throughout the Diocese of La Crosse. This video needed to educate the viewers to the true meaning of Stewardship and it needed an entertainment factor to keep their attention. The Result Who among us has not been listening to a sermon, and at some point looked around the church and wished we could read the minds of the people in attendance? The video did just that. We, the viewer, hear the unseen Priest delivering a sermon on Stewardship, while the camera moves around to different, somewhat bored at first, parish members. It stops on select people and in a stage whisper; we hear what they are thinking. As the sermon goes on, the parishioners learn what the many arms of Stewardship are all about and how easy they can apply to ones life. The mood of our audience goes from Oh no – Stewardship to Oh wow this is great.
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