stephenson [a small typology]

stephenson [a small typology]
Church advertising
Image by the|G|™
a name in stone.

what did these people think was conferred upon them by having their names carved into stone and placed in the walls of a methodist chapel?

it strikes me as terribly ‘worldly’ and hubristic.

in my reading, the messagages this particular process does confer include:

the fact that these people are advertising how wealthy they are.

the fact that these people are not only advertising their wealth, they are also advertising their ‘kindness’.

this is a message that says ‘i can afford to be kind’.

this is a message that says ‘we are the kindest, wealthiest, most important people attending this chapel’.

it all seems particularly uncomfortable [and oh so ‘human’] given the building’s usage.

just conceptually freewheeling.
as usual.