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Greater St. Stephens FGBC Church Coming Home

On Monday, July 6, 2008, Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church was gutted by a fire. After previously facing Hurricane Katrina and rebuilding, Pastor Debra B. Morton and Bishop Paul S. Morton was forced to rebuild yet again. After being blessed to worship in New Orleans’ Congregation Temple Sinai and a high school auditorium, God has truly blessed during the rebuilding process. On Thanksgiving Day 2009, Bishop and Pastor Morton were blessed to come home to “Phase I” of returning back to their church in Morton Hall. As one who is apart of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, we excited for what God is doing at the “Mother church”. Pastor Debra Morton preaches “Thank You For Staying In The Ship” and many can testify that it was a struggle but yet they endured. PS Please take to comment and congratulate Greater St. Stephens on their great achievement and how you have been blessed by their ministry.
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Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church
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This Church was organized in 1841 through the efforts of Bishop Stephen Elliott. the church building was completed in 1843 and consecrated Dec. 10. The vestibule, annex and Gothic roof were added later. The handmade chancel furniture was given by an early parishioner, John Wilcox. Rev. Rufus White was probably the first Rector and J.M. Cotting and C.J. Paine the first Wardens. In 1864 the building was damaged when Federal troops dynamited the nearby arsenal. In 1909 a new organ was presented by George W. Perkins of New York who had heard that Sherman’s troops stabled horses in the building and further damaged its contents.

220 S. Wayne St., Milledgeville, Ga

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