Church Pedophiles in the Pulpit! Should Eddie Long Step Down as Pastor?

The four victims who have accused Bishop Long of coercing them into sexual acts AREN’T the only victims of Eddie Long! The others are afraid to come forth, or perhaps they’re too embarrassed about their sexual relationship with Eddie Long and have declined to file lawsuits! Or they don’t want to expose themselves to their female partners, their family, and their heterosexual friends. Other victims have been confirmed!
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Church Website Design: A step by step approach

Church Website Design: A step by step approach

Website development is by no means difficult or there wouldn’t be so many websites available, but for the church minister or webmaster who is trying to develop a church website there is the question of where to begin. For those who already have a website there is the question of what can be done to make it better. Timothy Fish provides a path through the maze of web technology. By following this path a church can have a website that is functional, inexpensive and easy to maintain. There are many books available that describe how to use web technology, but this book focuses on the details of designing and developing a church website. The reader will come to an understanding of the church’s need for a website, the things that should go into the website, how to implement the website and what to do when it is done. If you are looking for one book to tell you what you need to know about developing a church website, this is that book.

List Price: $ 18.99

Price: $ 18.99

Robinson will step down as bishop of N.H. in 2013

Robinson will step down as bishop of N.H. in 2013
Bishop V. Gene Robinson, whose consecration as the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church set off a historic rift in the global Anglican Communion, announced to his New Hampshire Diocese yesterday that he intended to step down.
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First gay Episcopal bishop to retire
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The first openly gay Episcopal bishop is retiring in three years. New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson said Saturday he would step down in 2013 partly because of the stress on him and his family from the worldwide backlash to his election.
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UK Catholics say 5 Anglican bishops converting
Five Church of England bishops announced Monday they are converting to Catholicism following an invitation to disaffected Anglicans from Pope Benedict XVI – the highest-profile defectors among conservatives opposed to gay…
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Copeland’s Eagle Mountain International Church Takes Unprecedented Step in a Good Faith Effort to Respond to Senator Grassley

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 28, 2008

Eagle Mountain International Church/Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) took the unprecedented and historic step of requesting the IRS to undertake an inquiry of the Church. On Monday, April 7th John Copeland the CEO of the Church and KCM, personally delivered a letter to the IRS offices in downtown Dallas.

John Copeland explained to reporters, “We told the IRS in a letter that we welcome them to come and make inquiry of us and we will provide answers to the IRS regarding questions that Senator Grassley has. The Church desires to protect its and all other churches’ 1st Amendment rights, and by this action, we believe we are doing just that.”

For more than 40 years the Church/KCM has operated with integrity and in compliance with the tax laws and government regulations. KCM has no problem with giving the government the information Senator Grassley has requested, so long as the Church’s constitutional rights are respected. It has always been KCM’s position that there is a process already in place for the government, through the IRS, to obtain the information Senator Grassley has requested.

The IRS is the appropriate agency to receive this information, subject to processes and procedures set out in the federal tax laws that apply all churches and to all private taxpayer information. By following these processes and procedures, which Senator Grassley himself helped write, the Church’s rights will be protected, but the Senator will still be able to obtain all the information he is demanding by requesting it from the IRS after it has concluded a church tax inquiry.

If the Church is not given the protections from disclosure afforded by the federal tax laws, the Church is concerned that private church documents and information produced to Senator Grassley could be used in a manner that interferes with the Church’s religious freedoms. The Church believes that the Senator’s demands are inconsistent with longstanding principles that require the separation of Church and State, as well as Supreme Court rulings that hold that the government may not inquire into the very nature of a church’s religious beliefs and practices.

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