O For A Closer Walk With God – Charles Stanford

The Trinity Choir of Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts performing O For Closer Walk With God by Charles Villiers Stanford. From their album With Heart & Voice, directed by Brian Jones. There are not many recordings of this beautiful anthem, so I decided to upload it. The photo is the property of Evandro Antunes. www.flickr.com This anthem somewhat inspired me to write my own choral anthem.

The Glorious Church at Stanford

The Glorious Church at Stanford
Image by Stuck in Customs
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Daily Photo – The Glorious Church at Stanford

During our amazingly fun Stanford photowalk, our entire unit crashed into into the church like the Allies setting up barracks inside a French cathedral.

Right before we went in, as I climbed the stairs, one of the more nervous-types that was on the photowalk said, "Uhhh, I don’t know if they will let us in because they are about to close." I said something to the effect of, "Who cares, we’re going in anyway until they come tell us to leave!" And with that, we blew in through the front doors and spread out far and wide. I set up my camera and gave a little talk about my settings for the shot. I mentioned that in dark situations, you don’t want your multiple exposures to all be 30 seconds. You need to widen your aperture and increase the ISO so that your all your exposures get finished, with the final one at 30 seconds. In this situation, I shot 5 exposures at 1 step increments with my 5 respective shutter speeds at 2 seconds, 4 s, 8s, 15s, and 30s.

Stanford artist to paint church ‘loving’ portrait in wake of crow-bar attack on religious-themed artwork

Stanford artist to paint church ‘loving’ portrait in wake of crow-bar attack on religious-themed artwork
Enrique Chagoya said he has accepted an invitation by Resurrection Fellowship — a 2,000-member congregation in Loveland, CO, — to paint an image agreeable to the church, free of charge.
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Where we worship: First Baptist Church Columbia
Name: First Baptist Church Columbia
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