St. Francis Episcopal Church, Stamford, CT

We are glad that you have found this video and we hope that it will give you a sense of the spirit and life of the community here. We are an open, inclusive community that embraces the best aspects of the Episcopal tradition by seeing and serving Christ in all whom we meet. The expression of worship and belief at St. Francis can probably best be described as progressive and nimble, as we seek to integrate a strong spiritual life with the gifts, realities and complexities of the modern world. Mindful of the varied religious expressions in the world today, we honor the gift of the divine found in other traditions, as well. We have a high level of parishioner involvement in the many social, educational and outreach programs that we sponsor, providing opportunities for parishioners of all ages and circumstances to be enriched by our community. In all these endeavors, we also manage to have a great deal of fun, which the St. Francis community endorses as one of the best ways to appreciate the gifts of this life and each other. Learn more at