Why does it seem the bigger churches around my area seem weaker in spirit?

Question by SmallChurchWarrior: Why does it seem the bigger churches around my area seem weaker in spirit?
I talk to people from other churches and they seem kinda bland in their belief… they talk against drinking, stealing, drugs, and sex(before you marry)… but they say this with a cigarette in ther hand?!?!
They are teaching against what they are doing! I try not to judge people by what they wear, where they go to church, or what they look like. I just want to know why are they doing it? A preacher that leads a congrigation of 200+ people has a porn addiction, or plays the lottery, or hits his wife. Am I being to judgemental about them?

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Answer by flutterinbutterfly
Don’t you think your being a little judgmental?

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Knowing All of God For Real:: Part 3- God the Spirit

Join our email list to stay informed off all things Forward: tinyurl.com Download the MP3: tinyurl.com Listen to the audio: tinyurl.com View this week’s bulletin: tinyurl.com “The Spirit of God has been moving in our midst from the dawn of creation to this very.Track His footsteps in this holistic teaching that lays out the Bible in 24 minutes.” ————————– Release the Past: What has your story been filled with in the past? Seize the Day: What kind of spirit do you walk with today? Press Forward: Have you accepted God’s invitation to be made right with him through faith in his perfect sacrifice and acceptance of his Holy Spirit; to empower and enable us to live righteous lives?

How does a church get rid of the Jezebel spirit?

Question by Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival: How does a church get rid of the Jezebel spirit?
It seems like such a problem in churches these days. Have any ideas or advice? And have you seen this in a church and the cleansing of it?

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Answer by Lil G
female pimps in church?

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Friday Night With the Spirit of God!

Friday Night With the Spirit of God!

On 11/12/10 Come as you are to share Love, Joy and Peace with Our Heavenly Father! Creighton United Methodist Church 4900 E. Thomas Road. Phoenix, AZ 85018 Friday, November 12th from 7:30pm-9:00pm Events will air on Access 13 Prescott Community Television: Mondays @ 10pm and Tuesdays 7am THE LORDS SPEAKERS: Pastor Gene Herndon from Stonepoint Community Church Michael Ray Van from SpiceRecordz in fellowship with Cecil Holden from KXEG 1280AM Gospel Radio This month we will be featuring a special dance performance along with food after the event! Enjoyable fellowship! Any questions contact @ 480/343-XXXX cell or 480/945-XXXX We are always looking for others willing to share their blessings with others! (ie: pastor, speakers, groups, praise, choirs, bands, etc.)




What Does the Holy Spirit Do for the Church?

What Does the Holy Spirit Do for the Church?

The first thing to realize is that the Holy Spirit is a person; a person who is here for the church of Jesus Christ. He has many areas that He helps the church in. The first thing we will discuss is that the Holy Spirit is a teacher. That’s right, He is our teacher (John 14:26) if you are a minister don’t try to study without the help of God’s Spirit because you will be wasting your time. Think about it; there are churches on every street corner in America but sadly there are a lot of dead churches that operate with no power. Why? The difference between a minister that depends on the Holy Spirit for his services and the minister who depends on his college education is changed lives.

You can have all the college that this world can offer and all the knowledge that you can obtain and still never touch a life. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can change a life that is why we must depend on God’s Spirit one hundred percent. Never preach without asking the Holy Spirit to help, never sing without asking the Holy Spirit to help, never build your business without asking the Holy Spirit for help, do you get what I am saying to you?

The next thing the Holy Spirit does for God’s people is comfort. He is called the Comforter (John 14:17, 18). Life is full of troubles, brokenness and sorrow, that’s why we must know the Holy Spirit as Comforter to see us through the tough times of life. Why would you want to become hard hearted and bitter after facing a tragedy in life like the world. Let the Holy Spirit keep your heart tender and peaceful through His comfort.

The one thing I really like about the Holy Spirit is that He makes Jesus so close and real. Without the Holy Spirit all you have is religion; no fellowship no promise, no joy, no peace nothing but religious misery. Have you ever seen those who confess to be Christians but all they do is debate and argue over God’s word. It’s all they know like politicians without guidance. The Holy Spirit makes life joyful and worth living glorifying Jesus Christ bringing joy and peace to the believer; revealing the wonderful touch of God to all who call upon the Lord.

The last thing is that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for the church according to the will of God the Father (Rom 8:26, 27) He helps us pray in any situation good or bad, on the mountain top or in the valley He is praying for you and your children. He never stops praying always on guard for you and your family. So what are you so worried about? Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit is there with you helping you, guiding you and praying for you? Learn to walk with Him today and see His mighty hand working in your life. Begin to study God’s Spirit through the Bible and see the amazing things to learn concerning the Third Person of the Trinity. What are you waiting for? Do it!

Jason Powers a Christian Writer in the state of Florida. His books have touched many lives from around the world including India, Pakistan, Africa and the UK. For more information about Jason Powers or his writings visit Jason Powers Ministries

Unclutter: Cleanse Your Spirit and Claim Your Stuff – Soulful Revelations to Finding Your Highest You at unclutter.org

(PRWEB) December 10, 2004

Dozens of books tell readers how to unclutter their shelves and closets; Kevin E. Taylor’s “Unclutter: Cleanse Your Spirit and Claim Your Stuff” applies the same principles to heart, body and soul. Unclutter’s short, easy to read chapters have titles drawn from popular music songs and feature inspirational stories from Taylor’s life. The universal wisdom culled from each of the 100 revelations encourages readers to “Delve, Discover and Design yourself from the soul up”, cleanse the heart of old pains, and let go of self-defeating attitudes.

One example is “One Less Bell To Answer”, the hit by the Fifth Dimension. Learn to trust your intuition about people, both before and after they enter your life, says Reverend Taylor, and you avoid a great deal of energy-sapping conflict, a concept he refers to as “Spiritual Caller ID.” Other revelations include “Keep On Walkin’ (Stagnant Water Stinks). “If you are not able to move forward,” Taylor writes, “then you pollute your present surroundings….You are doing yourself no good being stalled in your past.”

Reverend Taylor’s unique background combines both a love of music and spirituality. At age 10, he was confirmed as a minister in the Carron Baptist Church in Washington D.C., and later became a producer for B.E.T. Network for more than ten years. This combination makes him the ideal author for an inspirational book that speaks directly to young people and those searching to improve their lives, emotionally and spiritually. Taylor overcame his boyhood disadvantages such as asthma and allergies with the help of the Baptist Church and his admiration for the musicians whose songs he loved. “Unclutter” blends wisdom

amassed from years in the church and in the music business.

During his career in the music industry, Kevin worked with such stars as Luther Vandross, Lena Horne, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle and Natalie Cole. Kevin was nominated for two NAACP Image Awards in 2002, for Aaliyah’s Access Granted and Testimony by Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. In 1999, he was awarded Gold Medals for 24 Hours With Dru Hill and a 1995 award for Special Program Development for Lyrically Speaking.

A graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, NC, Taylor is a preacher and pastor in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where he is building a new church for his congregation.    

“Unclutter: Cleanse Your Soul And Claim Your Stuff” may be ordered online for .00 at www.unclutter.org

E-mail Reverend Taylor at revkev@unclutter.org

To set up an interview with Reverend Taylor, contact Marianne Moro at


phone 323-350-6500