What is the proper translation for “Church Board Chairs” into spanish?

Question by brenflor3: What is the proper translation for “Church Board Chairs” into spanish?
This is the non-profit world. I know sometimes it make a difference. thanks.

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Answer by Allison
CHURCH BOARD CHAIRS – you shouldn’t have to translate it if you live in America.

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Where does the Spanish Churchs money go to?

An ad produced by the Spanish Episcopal Conference will be broadcast throughout Spain so that the citizens are made aware of the work carried out by the Catholic Church and where the donated money goes to, as well as to increase the financial support given to the Church on peoples income tax return.The public awareness campaign video called Xtantos, For many, produced for the 2009 income campaign program, has won this years prestigious EFI award for advertising effectiveness in the Social Responsibility category, which is awarded by the Spanish Advertisers Association.The public awareness campaign was launched in 2007 after an agreement reached by the Church and the Spanish Government in 2006, which established a new tax return system. With this new system, which presents the option of donating a percentage of the income surtax to the Catholic Church, the Churchs financial support depends exclusively on Catholics and those who appreciate the work carried out by the Church.
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Spanish Workshop for Children Introduces Latest Princeton Center Central NJ Spanish Immersion Program Preparing Young People for Future Academic Success

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) December 15, 2008

Spanish Workshop for Children, a total Spanish immersion program, has introduced its latest center in Princeton, N.J. This newest center brings Spanish Workshop for Children’s total number of locales to five. The central New Jersey location, housed at Trinity Church in Princeton, joins Blue Bell, Rosemont and Yardley, Pa. as well as Cherry Hill, N.J. on the Spanish Workshop for Children roster. Under the direction of Marcela Summerville, Spanish Workshop for Children enrollees enjoy a distinctive Spanish-teaching methodology and curriculum. Summerville is a two-time Parent’s Choice Award-winning author, has been the co-chair for the ACTFL-LLC-SIG (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and has been appointed Pennsylvania State Representative of NNELL (National Network of Early Language Learning) since November 2004, where she advocates early language learning.

The city of Princeton, N.J., boasts a long educational tradition. It is the home of a top-rated Ivy League university as well as the Educational Testing Service, which tests and scores students’ competency to enter such prestigious institutions of higher learning. Princeton-area residents don’t have to wait until their children reach high school, however, to avail themselves to all the academic advantages the region has to offer. In fact, they can now start leveraging such opportunities at the toddler and preschool levels by enrolling their future academic stars in Spanish Workshop for Children.

Spanish Workshop for Children positions itself with the slogan “Where a Good Beginning Never Ends,” a mantra that educational statistics prove holds merit. Indeed, according to the College Board, students who average four or more years of foreign language study scored higher on the verbal section of the SAT than those who had studied four or more years of any other subject matter. With its latest Princeton locale, Spanish Workshop for Children affords more children than ever the opportunity to ascend the academic ranks.

Currently, 245 families are enrolled in the total Spanish immersion program, with nearly 80 percent of them having re-enrolled from previous years. The program enjoys such a success rate thanks in large part to its departure from traditional curriculum. Instead, it takes a fun, natural and easy approach to learning a foreign language.

Simon Richter, professor and chair of the Department of German at the University of Pennsylvania, speaks highly of his Spanish Workshop for Children experience. “I’ve never seen total immersion for kids like this. Marcela takes the children on a journey into a Spanish-speaking world that engages their minds, their bodies, their imaginations and their sense of fun. Marcela is the Peter Pan of Spanish-language immersion for children. Our son Toby has been completely captivated.”

Spanish Workshop for Children runs a variety of sessions, with the half-day Preescolar Program being one of the most popular. Winter sessions, including those held at the Princeton location, begin in January 2009.

For more information on Spanish Workshop for Children’s foreign language immersion methodology, visit the program’s Web site at http://spanishworkshopforchildren.com. To learn how your Princeton-area toddler or preschooler can academically benefit from the total Spanish immersion program, contact Marcela Summerville at (610) 489-5595.