I’m a tourist. How long realistically would it take to see these sites? Can i see them all in a few hours?

Question by Aza Eggar: I’m a tourist. How long realistically would it take to see these sites? Can i see them all in a few hours?
I’m looking to swing by and take pics next to these historical sites. The only site i may want to go inside is the Independence Hall, but i read that the tour is super short.

So how many hours realistically would it take to see all these sites:

Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Rocky Steps and Rocky Statue
Ben Franklins Grave (Christs Church)

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Answer by Josh Callison
The Independence Hall tour is only half an hour long. In fact, you might be waiting to get in for longer than you’ll actually be there. Two thirds of the building are actually closed to the public, and the rest is just a waiting room with a painting and a recreated court room, nothing spectacular.
Even if you’re dead set on seeing that, you won’t have to hurry to the next thing, because the historic district of Philadelphia is pretty clumped together.

Independence Hall is only five minutes from the Rocky Steps and Statue, the Liberty Bell is only two minutes away from Independence Hall, and Christ’s Church is only three minutes from the Liberty Bell.

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does anyone know of sites that have website templates? trying to build a church website using expression web?

Question by Brittney A: does anyone know of sites that have website templates? trying to build a church website using expression web?
Trying to find various website templates to use for a church website i’m building. Website will have lots of navigation ( click mes ) links on it.

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Answer by Siavash S

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Are there any good web builder sites for me to build a church website?

Question by John B: Are there any good web builder sites for me to build a church website?
I’m looking to build a cool, simple website for my church but I would need it be very easy.

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Sites and Photos – Turkey Expedition – April 2011

Sites & Photos was established in 2005 by Samuel Magal, a certified archaeologist and photographer, in order to fill the void in professional, high-quality documentation of archaeological sites and ancient art. Over the years the collection has been expanded to include architectural masterpieces and religious sites from all historical periods. The company is unique for conducting academic-level researches on each site in its collection, and for supplying reliable and up-to-date information about each monument or artwork. Today, with over 350000 images and more than 25000 full-HD video clips, it serves as a valuable resource for both the academic and the commercial sectors. Our collection of over 200000 high-resolution digital images and 15000 HD and Ful-HD videos is used by academic libraries, publishers, production companies, advertising agencies and others. www.sites-and-photos.com http Photographer: Samuel Magal copyright © 2011 Sites and Photos
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What are some good web sites to find church choral music on?

Question by church_guy_98: What are some good web sites to find church choral music on?
I am looking for christmas music for our church christmas program. I have checked out lillenas.com and jwpepper.com. Where else can I look?

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Answer by valerie_x0xx
lmao google:P

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Security Officers At Philadelphia Historic Sites Raise Concerns About Wackenhut At Community Hearing

Philadelphia, Pa. (Vocus) September 13, 2007

Six years after the World Trade Center was attacked in New York City, security officers who guard Philadelphia historic sites testified about their poor working conditions at a community field hearing held yesterday, September 12. The hearing was chaired by Congressman Robert A. Brady (D-PA) at Christ Church Community House just blocks from the Independence Hall and Liberty Bell sites.

Security officers who guard the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall National Park raised concerns with the panel regarding training, equipment, health and safety and workers’ rights. Wackenhut Services Inc., a division of Wackenhut/G4S, the foreign-owned security services company, employs the security officers.

Former and current Wackenhut workers testified before a community hearing that included (in addition to Congressman Brady), City Councilmember Frank Rizzo, Jr. (R), Councilwoman-elect Maria Quinones-Sanchez (D), and Pastor Robin Hynicka of the Arch Street Methodist Church. Congressman Brady vowed to ask the U.S. Congress to investigate whether or not Wackenhut/G4S – which does around half a billion dollars a year of business with the U.S. government – should be debarred from getting U.S. government contracts.

The workers, who receive no health benefits or sick days, told the community leaders that they can’t afford to get sick on the job. “I am a diabetic and living with this illness has become a real struggle for me while working for Wackenhut,” security officer Charlie Wilson said. “I am left to pay for my diabetes medicine myself. Calling in for a sick day means either a penalty or no pay for that day at all.”

“They don’t provide us with the proper clothing or covering,” Wackenhut security officer Lamontez Bentley said. “We all spend a lot of money to make sure we stay warm out there. And it’s money that we can’t afford to spend. Many of my fellow workers are frustrated by the lack of sick days and inadequate uniforms.

“Unfortunately, after many of these workers presented their complaints to management, they either got fired or relocated to another location where the pay was less. It seems to me that Wackenhut is just not willing to listen.”

In fact, forty-six of fifty workers in the security workforce have already signed union authorization cards expressing their desire to be represented by SEIU 32BJ. However, the company has refused to recognize the union, even though SEIU represents more security workers than any union in the U.S.

Following the hearing Philadelphia City Councilman William Greenlee (D) oversaw a community-sponsored secret ballot election in which a majority of the workers took part, 94% voting for SEIU representation. “The people of Philadelphia will not let these workers down,” Greenlee, the councilman emphasized.

Last month, as a result of a federal investigation triggered by a wage and hour complaint filed by a Wackenhut employee, the company informed their employees that they would be receiving back pay owed to them by law. The workers have not been paid their proper rate since October 1, 2006, according to a memo distributed to the workers by Wackenhut.

In July, the company was the subject of a congressional hearing conducted by Edolphus Towns (D-New York), chair of the Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement.

Wackenhut Services Inc./G4S is owned by the London-based security conglomerate G4S. G4S, the largest company trading on the London stock exchange, is under fire from international human rights groups and trade unions for the company’s practices in southern Africa and elsewhere.

With more than 85,000 members in six states, including 5,000 in Philadelphia, Local 32BJ SEIU represents the most property services workers in the country. SEIU, with 1.8 million members, is the fastest growing union in North America. SEIU property services workers nationwide clean, maintain, and provide security for commercial office buildings, co-ops, and apartment buildings, as well as public facilities like theaters, stadiums, and airports.

For more information go to http://www.eyeonwackenhut.org .


SoulOfAmerica Showcases the Gullah Islands and their African Heritage — Experience the Sites, Sounds and Tastes of Africa without Leaving the States

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2005

SoulOfAmerica.com announces a guide to the historically significant Gullah Islands in South Carolina. Once home to African slaves, this Atlantic coastal region still brims with the culture of the Motherland. The Gullah area consists of more than a dozen islands in addition to sections of coastal plains in the Carolinas.

The online destination guide, at [http://www.soulofamerica.com/resorts/gullah.html , explores Gullah culture in towns such as Beaufort, St. Helena Island, Bluffton, Hampton, Hilton Head Island, Daufauskie Island and Georgetown. Find out where to savor food laced with the spicy flavors of Africa, witness weavers transforming sweetgrass into exquisite baskets, admire quilters using a “long-strip” technique to create masterpieces of fabric art and hear storytellers bringing Gullah’s history to life. Visit and learn about “Praise Houses,” small sacred buildings in which slaves worshiped and conducted ancestral ceremonies.

“This region is a true national treasure, especially for African Americans,” said Thomas Dorsey, publisher of SoulOfAmerica.com. “Nowhere else within the United States can you immerse yourself in such authentic and rich African culture and history. The Gullah Islands enable us to experience the triumphs and challenges of those who came before us.”

The guide provides a history of the Gullah people and their language, the latter being a combination of many African dialects, and information about the area’s lively heritage festivals. Also included are historical sites, art galleries, museums, churches and music venues that pulsate with the rhythms of Africa.

First publishing to travelers in 1994, SoulOfAmerica.com provides extensive destination guides and photographs of such subjects as Family Travel, Cruises, Spas, Holiday Travel, Black History Month and International Destinations, including Paris and the Caribbean. Black travel experts are also available for interviews and for referrals to other black travel resources. “SoulOfAmerica.com” is the DBA name and “Soul Of America” is a trademark of Soul Of America Travel, Inc.

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