48″x120″ JESUS IS LORD BANNER SIGN church christian signs Christ

48″x120″ JESUS IS LORD BANNER SIGN church christian signs Christ

  • Banner Size: 48″x120″
  • Weatherproof Banner – UV Protected
  • Perfect for Outdoor Use for 5+ Years
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Improve Your Bottom Line with a SignMission Banner

Increase your bottom line with this signmission banner! This 48″x120″ banner is perfect for outdoor use for 5+ years or will look great inside. Our banners are printed on heavy duty 13oz. outdoor vinyl banner material and comes standard with 12 grommets for easy hanging. Full color banners provide the cheapest form of advertising, you cant go wrong with a SignMission Banner!

List Price: $ 136.99

Price: $ 136.99


Brother Kay Prayer Line: Dial 1-(559)-726-1200 When prompted enter access code: 950014 Every Tuesday Evening: 10;00pm Est,9:00pm Cst,8;00pm Mst,7:00pm Pst ( …

Mitt Romney FAKE “grassroots” signs at church rally

In the face of low crowd turn outs, the Romney campaign has resorted to passing out fake “grassroots” signs at his rallies to people seated in front of press cameras to make it appear as if he has real support. Filmed at a rally at the Tri-City Baptist church in Chandler, AZ on February 22nd, 2012. Here is a quote from the Washington Post concerning the production behind Romney’s recent rallies: “When Mitt Romney arrived for a rally in Shelby Township, a Detroit suburb, he needed a crew of roadies to unpack him. His campaign brought its own flags and its own chairs and its own stage and its own DJ, using a special “Romney-Michigan” playlist with Kid Rock and Kiss.” www.washingtonpost.com

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

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Home Page > Business > Industrial > Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

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Posted: Mar 23, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

By: Cayden Ryan

About the Author

Cayden Ryan is an author who writes on a variety of subjects, giving them insight and perspective. He is currently working on tattoos, outdoor church signs, and limousines. He also enjoys eating pizza and ice cream.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – Outdoor Church Signs, Helping To Promote Your Church

In an effort to promote the church, outdoor church signs are usually located right outside the church, near the main road that is by the church. They are trying to get people into their church that normally wouldn’t attend their church. It’s an interesting study though because people argue whether or not outdoor church signs actually work, due to the fact the people coming into the church don’t take a survey of how they heard about the church. Some people believe that signs merely attract people interested in the actual sign, and not interested in the church. It all comes down to personal opinion.

You need to understand if your church can utilize a church sign. And if not, you may not want to incorporate a sign into your plan. If you’re only using a church sign to be gaudy, maybe you should advise against one. They are meant to attract people into your church, not show off the wealth of your church. An outdoor church sign can become the face of your church however. It can give off an awesome presence and present your ideals clearly and openly. Unnecessary fights between church members can happen however, due to different ideas and plans.

Designing an outdoor church sign should be down to a committee of people dedicated to the project rather than sporadically getting ideas from people who may not have any idea what the ideas they are presenting might actually consist of. Having the church as a whole design the signs might not be a bad idea; if you still have certain people have the final say, regardless of the opinions and ideas expressed. The people in charge of making your sign need to know the specifics of your program, your budget, and your exact details. Signs can be used in ways to make people feel guilty and not want to come into your church. They should be fresh and idealistic, but not too accusing.

The physical church sign can be a powerful tool when used the right way with the right words and ideas. The colors are very important; they should match the ideas and tone of our church. Having a bright pink sign with a blue based color scheme and calm feel of your church might not be the best choice. The sign should be sleek, elegant, modern, and noticeable, all at once. It needs to give off the feeling of love and care, not wealth and ignorance.

Some outdoor church signs make you stop and think, some make you frown with displeasure, and others you don’t even notice. Some need updated and reworked, and some just draw you in to the point to where you need to see what’s going on inside. No matter what, outdoor church signs can be used as a great tool to benefit your church.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/industrial-articles/outdoor-church-signs-helping-to-promote-your-church-2034618.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #2034618)

Cayden Ryan
About the Author:

Cayden Ryan is an author who writes on a variety of subjects, giving them insight and perspective. He is currently working on tattoos, outdoor church signs, and limousines. He also enjoys eating pizza and ice cream.


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/industrial-articles/outdoor-church-signs-helping-to-promote-your-church-2034618.html

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Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) August 16, 2006

BHTC Music is steadily building its ensemble with the addition of recording artist Nadya. New York DJ and Producer Dave Perez will produce vocal House Music to be performed by Nadya. The Brooklyn House and Trance Company’s compilation LP, scheduled to be released later this year, will consist of Trance and House music produced by J.Ostia and Dave Perez.

Nadya is an artist that hails from Harlem, New York City. Born to immigrant Dominican parents, she was surrounded by various forms of music from Latin and Caribbean to church music as long as she could remember. Nadya began singing at an early age at church functions, where she experienced her first Disney and Broadway musical theatre experience. Throughout high school Nadya developed her acting and singing by playing lead roles in school productions and traveling on a mission’s trip to Ecuador with her church’s youth band.

Before pursuing her career in music, she attended and graduated from Fairfield University in Connecticut. During college she traveled and sang with the university choir. She also led in the university’s production of “Pippin.” During this era, Nadya developed an eclectic sound and appreciation for urban sounds.

Nadya is a lover of music ranging from Hip-Hop to Jazz. Deep grooves and boleros have shaped her style and musical signature. To date, she continues to perform and work with up and coming producers on creating a new sound and original lyrics. In addition, she works alongside her twin brother “ENC” performing backup vocals for his Latin funk band. As a developing independent artist she realizes the demand for originality and true soul.

Nadya joins BHTC Music to contribute her true soulful sound. She has partnered up with New York DJ/Producer Dave Perez, as a vocal artist, to add that flavor to his House music. Her addition to the Brooklyn House & Trance Company adds a unique style to any track she is given to work with. Nadya’s powerful and melodic vocals set to a House track will blend well for a finished song.

The Brooklyn House and Trance Company is currently in production of their compilation LP album to be released this year. Dave Perez and J.Ostia are producing Trance and House tracks to deliver a variety of the two genres. They expect that recordings with Nadya will further enhance and promote House and Trance music.

For more information regarding Nadya and BHTC Music visit us www.BHTCmusic.com.

About BHTC Music:

The Brooklyn House and Trance Company, “BHTC Music,” produces Trance and House Music that is vibrant and pulsating for the entertainment community.

# # #

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