How to decorate a church for a baby shower?

Question by daretapp: How to decorate a church for a baby shower?
I am hosting a baby shower for my girlfriend. A friend has offered the use of his church for a great price. After looking at the church, which was a building converted into a church, I do like the space and openess but, the only drawbacks is that there is some religious pictures on the walls, a big cross and alter at the front. What would you do? If I do take it how could i decorate it. Would it offend some to be in a church? Any help would be appreciated. Especially decorating tips.

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Answer by Jackie
i cant say i would think it offensive to have it in a church, but i do not know the people invited. go to a party supply store, there are lots of cute shower decorations out there! Also, google how to make a diaper cake, those are very cute for showers, I have also seen them done with baby towels and washcloths. good luck!

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